I’m in Love with a Stripper . . .

Um, what????

No, I haven’t lost my mind, but I did learn a few moves last night at pole dancing class! (PS–does anyone remember this song?  Too funny!)

When my co-worker, Jessica, told me about a ladies night out that a local studio was offering, I was intrigued to say the least.  I have no pole dancing aspirations beyond a good laugh and possibly a decent workout, but I was most definitely “in.”  Apparently, so were a lot of other people; the line was out the door!  Eventually, they had to turn people away because they were at capacity!

Studio X, here in Richmond, offered the open house for women only, which made the atmosphere totally comfortable.  Still, I needed a little courage before taking this on.

Courage in a cup!

A margarita the size of my head most certainly did the trick. 🙂  I also had a chicken taco salad and about a gazillion chips–energy for my pole dancing, right?

Ladies who . . . Pole Dance???

The place was packed!  They had cute Valentine’s decorations everywhere–balloons, paper hearts, little sparkly lips, and these:

I’m willing to guess these weren’t on display just for V-day!  Incidentally, how on Earth do these things stay on?!?!  I mean, really!

There were also lots of snacks and wine, but I was stuffed from dinner, so I snagged a Tootsie Pop for later and stuck with good ol’ H2O to drink.

First up was a demonstration.  Sue, a sixty-four year old woman who looked like she could crack a coconut with her thighs, showed us how it’s done! 

Sorry for the blurry pics . . . they keep the lighting low for “ambiance,” but you get the idea.

Yes, she is upside down.  Girl was ripped!  Honestly, there was a little bit of an “ick factor” for me given the fact that this woman is older than my own mother . . . I just can’t handle thinking about old people and sex.  I know, very unworldly of me.  But I was definitely impressed!

They did the class in 2 sessions, which were really just like quick tutorials in my mind.  I think a lot more people showed up than they expected, so they really didn’t have the space for a real class.  We did a short routine with lots of hip grinding and naughty shaking.  It actually reminded me a lot of some  Zumba routines I’ve done!  But it was fun–fun enough that I would go back!

And guess who will be going back?  ME!  Because I won the raffle!!!  Woot woot!

Five free classes, plus lots of other cute goodies! 

Including this:

Yes, that would be green apple flavored warming lube.  How do you think this would go over instead of Gu during a race???

And this:Given my penchant for list-making, this may have to be my favorite part of the goodie bag!

And don’t worry, I didn’t leave without trying my leg hand at the pole!

It’s a heck of a lot harder than it looks!  Did you know that pants are a DON’T for the pole???  You need to show some skin for grip, hence my hiked up yoga pants.  Sexy, no?

My calf actually started to cramp up!  Maybe I’m the old one!

I’m not planning to quit my day job or anything, but all in all, it was a highly entertaining evening.  I would definitely recommend it! 

In other news, the weather forecast for today is downright springlike!  Sunny and 55*???  YESSSSS!!!

55°F | 28°F

I’m off for a quick run in the sun!  This afternoon, I’m working on a little Valentine’s baking project, then it’s off to a Little Black Dress Party with my friend, Claire, this evening.  The weekend’s lookin’ good!

A Q for you . . .

What’s the last new thing you tried?


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