Little Black Dresses

Last night, my friend Claire and I hit up Black Finn in Richmond for their 4th annual Little Black Dress Party!Claire and I are kind of a match made in heaven . . .  We both adore dressing up, so we look for pretty much any excuse to get dolled up and hit the town!  She came over early so we could get ready together, which was super fun!  Just like being in college again!

You fancy, huh?

A self portrait or two later . . .

We arrived at the bar ready to boogie!  We were presented with long stemmed pink roses and adorable little goodie bags with plastic bling rings, candy necklaces, and a $10 gift card to Black Finn!  Must be my weekend for the goodie bags! Don’t worry, I totally rocked the garter that came in Friday night’s Studio X goodie bag. 🙂

Claire, too!!!

They also had some amazing chocolate covered strawberries that we couldn’t pass up!

Hammin' it up!

Take a bite!

Sorry, we are total dorks!  Forgive us, we just can’t help it sometimes . . .

Overall, the crowd was pretty young (aka, I felt just a tiny bit old), but we had a great time regardless.  They played mostly older music from about 10 years ago, which reminded us both of our college days.  It was so fun to tear it up on the dance floor to some nostalgia-inducing tracks!

Facebook mobile??? Oh dear . . .

Such a fun girl’s night out!  Love you, Claire!

A Q for you . . .

What’s your favorite way to spend a night out with your friends?



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