Hot Date!

Oh yes!  I certainly had a hot date tonight!  I even got all dolled up . . . more on that later.

I wasn’t expecting much today, but I did get some Valentines!  A very sweet student made me these delicious Oreo balls covered in chocolate, which I expertly polished off before 10 AM.  I proceeded to have a stomachache and feel generally “blech” for the rest of the day, but they were totally worth it!

Then I came home to this!

A Valentine’s care package from my fam!  YAY!

It included a signed copy of Pull, which my mom got from another author at her writer’s conference a couple weeks ago.   Since it’s a young adult novel, I’m sure I’ll end up sharing it with my students.

Valentine’s socks are a must, of course!  You should know that I have quite an impressive collection of holiday socks, but I think Valentine’s socks make up most of ’em!

Then came these darling shot glasses!  They’re promos for my mom’s debut novel, The Wrong Guy, which comes out in early March!  So exciting!


Gotta dig the sentiment!

And don’t forget the cards!  First, a darling one from Mom and Dad.


Happy Valentine's Day, Gorgeous!

And then, a cheeky one from my lil’ sis.

I miss her!!!

My calves wanted down dogs and my hips needed pigeons, so I did a little Body by Bethenny on Exercise TV before heading out on my Hot Date!

That’s right, kids.  I treated myself to dinner out!

I am so fancy.

Don’t worry, I made sure to get dolled up before I went out.

We don’t have Chik-fil-A in Michigan, so I had actually never tried it.  But I’ve heard such good things and they make a point of advertising their “fresh, quality ingredients” so I gave it a shot.

First up, a side salad with honey roasted sunflower kernels and honey mustard dressing.  Check out the goods.


Hello Fresh Veggies!!!

This was not a salad I would expect to get at a fast food joint!  It was really tasty!

And then, a Chargrilled Chicken Sandwich with Honey Roasted BBQ Sauce!  And pickles!  On a Golden Wheat Bun!  I didn’t really look at the menu much before ordering this, so I was pleasantly surprised by all the little extras on here.

Honestly, it was delicious.  I had no idea.

It was flavorful, fresh, and totally satisfying.  I am officially a Chik-fil-A convert!

I put it on a real plate to maintain my fancy theme.


V-day Dinnah

Luckily for me, this little guy wanted to be my date.

Ah, Miller Lite . . . I can always count on you!

So Valentine’s Day was pretty much regularly scheduled programming for my Monday, but I’m 100% OK with that.  So tonight, I will be working on Rachel Wilkerson’s Lesson #18 . . . I think I may even be on #6! 😉

Hope your Valentine’s Day was wonderful!

A Q for you . . .

How are you spending your V-Day???




7 thoughts on “Hot Date!

    • hungryhealthyhappy says:

      Working on it!!! And you are helping, my dear! Thanks!

      Hope your Valentine’s Day with Eric is as sweet as you are! ; )

  1. the little sis :) says:

    missing you bunches! i’m glad to see that our valentines package made a fun day out of Valentines after all 😛

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