Tired Tuesday

I know the song says it’s “just another Manic Monday,” but for me Tuesdays are the worst. For some reason, I am always much more tired on Tuesday than Monday.  Today was no exception; I just couldn’t seem to get it together all day long!

This pretty much sums up my feelings about Tuesdays in general.  I hate that!

Fortunately, my friend and co-worker Jessica texted me last night to see if I wanted to run after school.  Thank goodness I made a running date, or I would have been tempted to come straight home and lapse into a couch coma!  Since Jess and I are in the same running group, it was easy to decide on our workout.  We met up right after school and off we went!  Four miles and four 80-yard strides later, I was a winded, sweaty mess!  That’s right, sweaty–it was almost 55 degrees and sunny!  And get this–the forecasted high on Friday is 75*!!!  WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!

Partly Cloudy
Partly Cloudy

High 75°F
Low 48°F

Can I get a what what?!?!  February in Central Virginia is right up my alley!

After our run, I finished up a little school work and headed home for a simple, early supper.  Now, I would usually refer to this meal as “dinner,” but I’m pretty sure you have to call it “supper” when you eat at 4:30!  😉

I was originally planning on a Mozzarella & Strawberry Jam panini, but sadly, my fresh Mozz was no longer fresh, so I had to improvise!  Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the fabulously fancy, uber-gourmet . . .

Peanut Butter & Jelly Panini!

Yep, it had to be a panini tonight because I was missing this guy:

Hi, Friend!

You got it!  It’s my Griddler!  I got this for Christmas, and it has been life changing.  OK, maybe not life changing, but essential for sure!

So I think we all know how to make a PB & J, no?

But mine is special.  I put it on this chewy ciabatta.**  Be sure to pronounce that with an accent a la Giada–love her, BTW!


**Single girl tip!  I buy a whole loaf of day old ciabatta (it’s half price!), cut it up into individual portions, and throw it in the freezer.  Then I always have it for sandwiches or garlic bread and it doesn’t go to waste.

Seedless strawberry jam (cuz I totally hate crunching down on a seed in my jam!)

Jammy Jam

And some crunchy peanut butter!

Extra Crunchy!

A note on the word, “C-H-U-N-K.”  I hate it.  Like, a lot.  Even just looking at it spelled out like that on my screen is kind of grossing me out.  And to hear it spoken?  I shudder.  It makes me heave.  Seriously, I get physically ill.  It almost prevented me from buying this peanut butter.  Many a jar of salsa have been turned away because of this phobia. ICK ICK ICK!

I know.  I am insane.  It’s just a thing I have.

Moving on . . .

To give my panini a little extra somethin’ somethin’, I made a little sugar crust on the outside.  Wanna see how?  Thought so.

Spray the top of your bread with some cooking spray.

Then, pour some sugar onto a plate.

Suga . . . oh honey honey . . .

Pulling myself together now.  Toldya I was tired!

So then, flip your sprayed sammie over and dunk it in the sugar, coating evenly.

Until it looks like this:

Onto the hot Griddler!

I see you!!!

Five minutes or so later, you’ve got a creamy, crunchy gourmet PB & J!

Look at all that gooey goodness!

And the sugar caramelizes to make a creme brulee-esque crust on the outside!  O.M.G.

I am seriously pondering having another one . . .

We’ll see if my self control holds up!  It’s iffy.

For the time being, I’m off to do a little stretching.  It was hella-windy today and it felt like we were always running against it, so my legs are feeling tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight!

A Q for you . . .

What’s the best meal you’ve improvised lately?


11 thoughts on “Tired Tuesday

  1. Kira says:

    That looks seriously delicious! …and dangerous. Thank goodness I just ate dinner because if I had an empty stomach right now, we might be in trouble. 🙂

    • hungryhealthyhappy says:

      Looks like you had steak tonight! I’m sure my little PB & J can’t hold a candle to that! YUMMERS!
      BTW–so nice to be talking to you like this! I feel so much more connected now. 😀

      • Kira says:

        It is so great! I just told Yesenia today that I love reading your blog. It’s a highlight of my day and makes me feel like I still get to “see” you every day. :o)

  2. I think I’m going to have to ask for a hot griddler for my birthday just to make this sandwich!
    The last meal I improvised was pancakes my brother and I made. I didn’t have everything the recipe called for but I ended up just tossing stuff in and they turned out pretty decent.

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