An Unexpected Treat

Today, I was completely shocked.

As you may or may not know, it’s February 18.  Back in Michigan, there was no getting outside to do anything on February 18.  But guess what I did today???

6.5 miles outside.  In a tank top.  And shorts.  AND SUNGLASSES!  Is this some sort of alternate universe?

Yep, that’s me, driving to my running trail in total awe.  I think I may love Central Virginia.

But then, it got better.

Yep, that would be a beer on the patio.  Happy Hour outside in February?  After a gorgeous run??  Are you kidding me???

I was so excited, I ignored my embarrassment and rocked these suckers.

Please excuse my blinding paleness!  Don’t worry, I came home and applied self tanner immediately!

Seriously, though, being able to sit outside in shorts and drink a beer with my co-workers (who didn’t even complain about how sweaty and gross I was) was a total, if not unexpected, treat.

I came home to a delish Roasted Veggie Salad . . .

And plan to spend the rest of the evening chillaxin’ on the couch and catching up with my DVR.  I know.  I’m a wild woman.

Have a great Friday night! 😀

Are you enjoying any unexpected treats today?


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