Charmed, I’m Sure

If I am smitten with Charlottesville, then I suppose you could say I am enamored of Richmond.  There really is something to the whole Southern charm thing!

This morning’s Pavement Pounders run took us all around downtown Richmond, through The Fan and the Museum District.  Lined with the most adorable, historic row houses, the route wound us through a nice little tour of the city.  I was so busy checking out the scenery that the 7 miles flew by!

All of the houses are multi-story and have columns and porches and brickwork, oh my!

I want to live on Strawberry Street!

Hello adorable brick-paved sidewalk!

Love the wrought iron fences, too!

Dear Santa, I would like a row house.  I’m putting my request in now so you have plenty of time to get it for me.  Love, Melissa

PS–I would also settle for one on Monument Avenue.

Maybe this one, with the porches???

Or I guess this would be ok . . .think the Mini comes with it? 😉

Of course, I’d be stuck looking at statues of Confederate soldiers.  I think I could deal.

I want to live on this porch.

And then take a stroll through my neighborhood.

I mean!  Can you imagine?  I just love it.  Of course, parking would be a total pain, but I might be willing to deal with it!  I can’t wait to go back into the city in the spring and take more pictures of all the cute neighborhoods!  I love how every house is different.  As I ran by this morning, I was imagining what it would be like to live there.  Ahhhhhh!  Maybe some day! 😉

And guess what I spotted when I got home?

Things are bloomin’!  Early spring?  Yes, please!


I’m headed back into the city this afternoon to check out a local brewery!  Catch ya lata!



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