don’t forget!

Fact: I love to-do lists.

For those who know me well, this comes as no surprise.  There is just something so satisfying about crossing things off a list, dontcha think?

Today’s list is full, but I have already been very productive!



Another fun fact:  I cannot wash anything without also washing the detergent cup with it.  I don’t like it when it gets all goopy with soap.  I know.


Safely tucked into drawers and on hangers!


Well, I’m working on it!  The bathroom and kitchen are done, but I still have to dust (the horror!) and vacuum (which I actually sort of enjoy).

So I’ve been quite productive thus far, but I still have a lot I want/need to do today.  Including:

Taking out the trash (boo):

Running (YAY):

Doing my nails (a St. Patty’s day mani perhaps???):

And a trip to LOFT (everything is 30% off today!):

I am poor right now because I owe money on my taxes (I think I am the only person.  Seriously.  Everyone else I know is getting money back.  No fair.), however I need spring clothes.  In Michigan, we don’t really have spring.  Or maybe it’s more like our spring is so short that I never really needed too many spring clothes.  But here in Virginia, spring is a good 3-4 months long.  I’m hoping to score a good deal or 2.  I have a LOFT card, plus they give an extra 15% off to teachers on all purchases, which will make anything I get today at least 45% off.  I know, I’m totally justifying, but I really do need a few things, and I know that LOFT’s stuff will last me for several seasons, so I’m doing it!  😀

And yes, painting my nails and going to LOFT are on my to-do list!  I love putting fun things on there, too.  I guess it’s a mental thing, like putting fun stuff on my to-do list makes it more enjoyable overall?  (Yes, I am aware that I’m totally crazy.) 😉

Later on, I’m meeting up with Danielle and Claire.

We’re headed to Shamrock the Block in Shockoe Bottom!

Bands, food, crafts, green beer . . . Sounds like fun to me!

It’s supposed to be 68* and sunny all day.  Hello, spring!

Enjoy your Saturday! 😀



2 thoughts on “don’t forget!

  1. I love making lists too-it helps me keep my head on straight, and reminds me to engage in self care activities as well:) But, washing the soap cup…i don’t know about that one:) I hate how it gets sorta nasty too, but honestly would have never thought to stick it in with the laundry. Hmmm…

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