Dress Weather

It seems that spring is here in Central Virginia!  The highs are in the upper 60s today and tomorrow and in the upper 70s into the weekend!  Eeeeeeeeeee!!!  It’s my favorite kind of weather–dress weather! 

In the summer, I wear skirts and dresses almost every day.  I’m not much of a shorts girl, but I love how girly a dress feels.  Check out Zara’s colorful dress collection for spring!  I think I’m in love!




The dresses run about $60 each, which isn’t too bad at all!  For some odd reason, I have $37 as my cut off point where I really think about whether or not I want to spend money on an item of clothing.  Like somehow, if it’s more than that,  I really need to love it or be able to find multiple ways to wear it to justify purchasing it.  For dresses, though, I think of them as a more complete outfit.  For any other outfit, I would have to buy 2 pieces (a top and a bottom) to make it work, so $60 for a dress is kind of a bargain, right? 

Does this logic make sense or am I just justifying???

Anyway, here are my 2 favs from the collection.  Definitely worth $60 each, methinks! 😀

Flirty Floral--love the green heels with this!


Girly pink--I love how the green peeks out underneath the sleeves on this one

What are you coveting for spring?

Do you have a “cut off” amount for clothing purchases?  What are you willing to spend more on?


7 thoughts on “Dress Weather

    • Yeah, mine either! But then again, some of my co-workers wear jeans everyday. Some wear workout pants. I wish I were kidding! So while I wouldn’t wear these to school, I dare say I could probably get away with them! :/

      • I work at a financial institution and we even had a someone come in and speak to us of what was appropriate to wear at work. Some of the front line staff wear jogging-pant material clothing. I don’t deal with the public yet I dress way more appropriate. It’s annoying.

  1. I find it SO difficult to find a dress/skirt that looks good on me. Finally for the first time this year I tried on a high waisted skirt, and unfortunately (or fortunately, now that I found “a” skirt that looks nice) it fits, and looks great on me. The unfortunate fact is that I have to be in the mood to put on that high waisted very stomach-pooch-revealing skirt lol.

    I think I’ll be on the hunt this spring for a cute dress though. I’d like to wear one…

    As for your question: I’m willing to spend money on shoes, and purses.

    • I’m glad you found something that fits & looks great on you! That’s the best! I totally know what you mean about the “pooch-revealing” skirts, though! You can’t wear those when you’re having a bloaty day! 😉

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