Hi friends!  I am happy to report that Wednesday is nearly done!  It’s supposed to be absolutely gorgeous starting tomorrow and into the weekend, and the promise of beautiful weather is spurring me on.  I’m already excited for the weekend!

This afternoon was particularly busy, squeezing in a run with my co-worker, Debbie, helping out for a couple hours at a track meet, and a doctor’s appointment.  By the time I got home, I was one hungry chick!

Given my recent kitchen mishaps, I wanted to keep it fairly simple tonight, aka, no knives allowed!

Poor fingers . . .

Since I already had some onion diced up, I decided to go with the simplest soup recipe ever–Cheesy Tuna-Vegetable Chowder, from the Pilsbury website.  I followed the recipe almost exactly, adding in a little frozen spinach with the veggies and subbing in Italian shredded cheese instead of cheddar jack.  It was the perfect simple supper!

I love this chowder!  The cheese gets so mmmmmmelty!

Almost like a tuna melt in a mug!  Total yum.


As I mentioned last week, my goal for Lent is to eat more mindfully and to stop eating when I’m full.  I had been regularly stuffing myself to the point that I felt sick.  Not a good way to live! 😦

What I’ve realized over the last week is that I crave something sweet at nighttime.  I’m going to have a little something sweet most nights, so I need to leave room for that rather than eating a big meal and stuffing in dessert afterward.  This is kind of hard for me, since I tend to be pretty hungry by the time I eat dinner.  I eat one helping pretty quickly, and I don’t give my brain time to catch up with my stomach.  I think I’m still hungry so I go back for seconds.  Making individual portions has really helped me with this.  I have to stop eating at the end of my meal because I’ve only made one portion!  Being that I was raised a “clean plate club” kid, I have a hard time leaving leftovers.  This is another contributing factor to my mealtime madness.  If I have the mentality that I need to clean my plate, my plate just needs to be smaller so that I don’t polish off a ridiculous amount of food!

To save room for dessert, I’ve cut back on extras at dinner, too.  For instance, rather than having bread with my soup tonight, I skipped it so I would have room for dessert.  Now, I still get my little sweet fix, but I am actually hungry for it and don’t feel sick from eating it!  YAY!

Hello, lover!

Individual Cookie Dough here I come!!! 😀

So far, so good.  I don’t feel deprived at all, but I don’t go to bed overly full every night either.  Success!  I just hope I can really make this a lifestyle change, not just a Lenten change, ya know?

Have you ever really broken a bad habit?  How did you do it?


2 thoughts on “Mmmmmelty!

    • It’s funny because my little sister is almost 12 years younger and my parents abandoned the whole clean plate club thing with her. And you know what? She stops eating when she’s full! Amazing! Wish I always could!

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