I’m Lovin’ It!

T.G.I.F. in the biggest possible way!  Getting through work today was a struggle!  I need this weekend!

It was another gorgeous day today–I think we may have hit 80*!  Holla!  I joined my coworkers for a couple of happy hour beers outside.  Is there anything better than having a beer outside on a Friday afternoon?  Bliss, I tell ya!

Since I figure people might be a little sick of me talking about how much I am IN LOVE with the spring weather here, I thought I’d share a few other things I’m lovin’ today!

First up, LOFT’s entire spring collection!  I love all the pretty florals and the fact that they have so many great pieces to transition from spring to summer.

Now I need unlimited funds so I can buy everything! 😉

Next, this little guy has been a Godsend:

Let’s just say things aren’t healing quite as quickly as I’d hoped. 😦 Since the whole band-aid thing was getting pretty old, I picked up some liquid bandage and it is fantastic!

Also, quite randomly, I am loving guzzling water from my PINK water bottle!

I drink at least 2 of these suckers per day.  I really think having a cute water bottle makes me drink more water!

On Sunday, I got my Pavement Pounders t-shirt, and it’s so cute!  I love the color!

Please excuse my post workout shiny-ness & hair pouf!

Oh, I almost forgot to report back on this!

Holy crap!  Where have I  been?  This stuff is deeeee-lish! I have no idea why I was surprised that it tasted exactly like almonds, but it does!  It’s richer than peanut butter, but oh-so-good!  Definitely worth the $5 per jar splurge at Trader Joe’s!

Last, but so so so NOT least, is good ol’ Jackie!

I am beyond thrilled that I bought this DVD.  It makes me actually want to workout!  And this is coming from a girl who normally hates doing weights!  Today was supposed to be my day off from working out, but I really wanted this workout!  Craziness, I tell ya, but I like it! 😀

So there you have it!  Tell me . . .

What are you loving right now???


3 thoughts on “I’m Lovin’ It!

  1. I wish I could say I was loving the WA weather right now – but I think there might be potential for a sunny day today!! So I’m loving the *hope* for a sunny day 🙂

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