A Nice Little Saturday

Can I just say that I had the BEST day today???  The weather, the wine, the wonderful company–it was such a great day from beginning to end!

This afternoon, Danielle and I drove out to Gum Spring, Virginia (aka, the middle of nowhere) to visit the first stop on the Heart of Virginia Wine Trail, the Grayhaven Winery. For one $10 ticket, we get tastings at 4 different area wineries, and we decided to test out Grayhaven first!

Since Gum Spring is about 30 minutes from Richmond, we were in for a mini road trip.  Luckily, there was plenty of entertainment along the way.  Including a policeman in a real policeman hat!


And the 90s station on Sirius Radio!

Such a good vibration! Such a sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeet sensation!

Yep, we totally rocked it out on our little drive! It was a worthwhile journey, though, because the winery was so quaint and adorable!  And the wine wasn’t too shabby either! 😉

With our tour ticket, we were given a complimentary glass, too!  How fun!

We started out in the tasting room with snacks and tastes!

Lotsa red! I like what I see!

Super salty pretzels and delish dips to try!


Since Grayhaven is dog friendly, this little lady joined us.

Danielle & Poey. Just 2 girls, sippin' some vino.

After grabbing a few tastes, we each chose a glass of our favorite and set out to explore!

Beautiful daffodils!  I smell spring!

They also had a koi pond with gaggles of frogs.  They were, um, well . . .

Horny Toads


Doing that.

The koi were less frisky!

Here fishy fishy


They were also in possession of the largest rabbit I have ever seen in my life.  Thirteen pounds and counting . . . kinda freaked me out!

Big Bunny


We walked a little and stumbled upon these guys!

Hello Horseys!


Poey was more than a little curious!  Once she decided it was ok, she kinda strutted in front of them.

Ha guys! I'm out here and you're in there!

Come closer!

I tried to make friends with the horses, too . . .

Whatcha think?

Maybe I'm ok???

New friends!

Then they started grunting & I was a little freaked! Doesn't take much!


Beautiful Day with a Beautiful Friend!


Poey also tried to make friends with the owner’s French Bulldog.

Guess she doesn’t like to have her butt sniffed because she proceeded to pee on Danielle’s jacket and purse right after this!  Danielle was so gracious.  I would have probably had a fit. 😉

We relaxed and chatted by the vines for a bit while finishing our wine.  It was so peaceful.  I could have stayed there all day!

We were getting a little hungry, though, so we piled in the car and headed back to civilization.  Someone was all tuckered out!


We decided to head to Kona Grill for an appetizer and another cocktail.  I had never been there before so I was excited!  I love trying new places!

The Kona Grill is a “casually sophistocated” restaurant, with fresh sushi as well as modern American food.  Think flatbread pizzas, some Asian-fusion, fancy salads, fresh seafood, and sandwiches.  Lots of great choices!  They had a great open-air patio with huge windows that let the light and breeze in.  Perfect for cocktail hour on this gorgeous day!

Sauvignon Blanc for Danielle . . .

And my signature warm weather drink–a minty mojito!

I am always nervous to try a mojito from a new place–I hate it when they use a mix instead of fresh mint!  But this was perfection!  It screams warm weather and summer to me.  It’s love!

We snacked on the most delicious flatbread pizza with our drinks.  Apple, brie, walnuts, figs, and caramelized onions.  OMG.

Talk about hitting the spot!  I am in love with the combo of salty and sweet and this one upped the anty with lots of great texture, too!  I ate all 4 pieces on my half.  It was just that good!

Since we were having such a fun time and I was (still!) hungry, we decided to stay for dinner.  I had been craving a burger, so guess what???

As big as my face. For reals.

It was absolutely enormous.  And delicious.  I could only finish half, but I enjoyed every last bite!  A toasty, squishy bun, crunchy pickle, gooey cheese, and plenty o’ ketchup.  YUMMM!

Danielle was more sensible.  She went with a Roasted Asparagus Salad with goat cheese toast points.

The asparagus was a little skimpy for an asparagus salad, but maybe it just looked small next to my gigantic burger!  😀

We had so much fun just hanging out, but also exploring.  It’s so great to have a friend here who is brand new to the area, too!  We get to discover things together, and Danielle wants to check things out just as much as I do!  It’s wonderful!  Not only that, but we have such a great time together.  We always talk about how lucky we are to have found each other.  Thanks, Universe, for bringing us together!

Did you have a nice little Saturday?  I sure hope so!

I’m off to sneak a glimpse of the Supermoon!  G’night folks! 😀


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