Spring Roadkill

In theory, I would sleep in on Saturday mornings, but in practice, it seems I always wake up by 7 AM!  My brain is just itching to get the day started, ya know?  Actually, it’s more like, “Hmmm . . . If I get up now and do all of my things, then I can have the rest of the weekend to play!”

My to-do list this morning looked like this:

  • Wash sheets
  • Dust
  • Vacuum
  • Clean bathroom
  • Clean kitchen
  • Clean Frank’s tank

Frank the Fishy

  • Make banana bread {Recipe to come!}
  • Go running
  • Finish taxes
  • Pick up all the crap that I left all over my apartment in the course of the work week!

Uber-productive morning!  Woot woot!

You’re probably wondering what the title of this post is all about.  Spring Roadkill?  Ick!  Well, being that it is springtime and I don’t have many sidewalks or trails nearby to run on, I’m left with some trafficky roads to contend with.  But at least I have pretty views to keep me company!

But despite the pretty views, springtime + traffic = roadkill.  Don’t worry, I haven’t taken any photos or anything, but it is pretty nasty!

Be careful, Mr. Squirrel!

So this morning, as I was running and dodging roadkill, I remembered something from 7th grade science class.  We had THE strangest man for a teacher, Mr. O’Leary.  And he wasn’t just weird because I was in 7th grade and all kids think their teachers are weird at that age.  He was seriously creepy in an I-don’t-think-I-want-you-too-near-me sort of way.  Ew.

Anyway, adding to his strangeness was the fact that he offered us extra credit for spotting spring roadkill and marking it on a road map in his classroom.  Say whaaa???


Please forgive the quality of the map . . . you get the idea

So, upon spotting said roadkill, we were given a thumbtack to mark it on the map and +5 points or something.  Being that I was a total perfectionist and wanted not just an ‘A’ but an ‘A+,’ I took this very seriously.  I even had my parents on the lookout for roadkill for me.  What was the educational value of this???  I have no idea.  Beyond weird.

Ahh, memories . . .

Regardless of the icky roadkill, I did enjoy my endorphin-pumping 4 miler this morning!


Sweaty and makeup-less. Very cute look 😉

This afternoon, the weather is supposed to be sunny and in the 60s, so Danielle and I are looking at exploring the Heart of Virginia Wine Trail.

For $10, you get a ticket to do a tasting at 4 area wineries, plus a wine glass.  Sounds like a good afternoon to me!  Plus, if we decide we don’t want to go to all 4 wineries today, we can use the ticket on another day at the remaining wineries.  I’m game!

Hope it’s beautiful wherever you are!  Enjoy your Saturday?

Do you have any bizarre school memories?

I sure hope I’m not “that” teacher! 😀




2 thoughts on “Spring Roadkill

  1. I don’t have a bizarre school memory, BUT 2 years after I graduated college, I saw in the newspaper that my favorite teacher was arrested trying to pay for a hooker at some place downtown.

    He was (is?) married with a son too. While I was totally grossed out, I almost felt bad for him because he really was a great and kind teacher. I probably took him for 7 classes in my degree field.

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