Early Bird Special

Why do Sundays go by so quickly?  I always feel like I need just one more day in the weekend to relax and catch up on all of my things! (<– If you don’t already, please read this blog!  It is the funniest thing EVER!)

My exact feelings about adulthood, in a line chart

The day just seemed to fly by!  It started with 9 miles in The Fan, and through Hollywood Cemetery.  Even though it should have been creepy, it wasn’t!  Way too cool to be creepy, Hollywood Cemetery is chock-full of history!

Hollywood Cemetery


Much more than a cemetery, Hollywood is a living story in stone, iron, and landscape. It recalls Virginians of bygone years whose lives shaped and influenced our own. With stunning views, Hollywood overlooks the James River, near the site where Captain Christopher Newport planted a wooden cross a few weeks after the founding of Jamestown. Hollywood Cemetery was designed in 1847 by the noted architect, John Notman of Philadelphia, and has been operating as a cemetery in Richmond since 1849.

–From the Hollywood Cemetery website

Even though it was pretty hilly through the cemetery, the historical headstones, statues, tombs, and monuments kept me pretty distracted.  The views of the Richmond skyline and the James River weren’t too shabby, either!


Even though I’m not a big fan of eating a big meal right after a long run, I joined my running group for brunch at The Republic.  I had a simple egg over easy, part of an English muffin, a few (amazing!) home fries, and a piece of turkey bacon.  It was more food than I’m used to eating after a long run, but I’m glad I went.  The running group people are so nice, and it was fun to chat and get to know some of them a little better, especially since I can’t hold a conversation while I run!  I need to focus on the whole breathing thing! 😉

I’m still a little self-conscious about photographing my food in front of a group of people I don’t know, so I didn’t snap a brunch pic.  Hope you understand!

Breakfast--I'm sure you've seen it before 😉

This afternoon, I ran around doing errands, before heading home for the Early Bird Special!  Yep, my appetite finally came after the long run–it just takes a little longer for me!

Enter, giant Roasted Veggie Salad!

This always hits the spot, and I was craving some veggies after my ha-uge burger last night.  I followed my usual method, roasting up some butternut squash, brussels sprouts, cauliflower, broccoli, tomatoes, and onions with Garlic Gold.

I put them over a bed of romaine dressed with the last of my Garlic Gold Meyer Lemon Vinaigrette.

So sad! 😦

Flavor my greens!

I also reduced some balsamic vinegar into a syrup to drizzle over the whole thing.  Maybe I’m crazy, but I could eat this on it’s own!

All together now!

Even though the squash set me back nearly $6, it was worth it!  Love this combo!

It was just what I wanted!  Don’t knock the Early Bird Special!  😉

Tonight, I’m making the most of my last few hours of weekend by perusing these:

Guess I’ve been a little busy for the last few months, huh???

I’ve also got a little baking itch going on . . . with a specific recipe in mind!  I’ll keep you posted! 😀

How do you gear up for the week ahead?




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