Island Inspired

Hi friends!  How was your Monday?  Mine is done, and I’m mighty pleased about that!

After work, I zoomed over to the Verizon store to join the 21st century!  That’s right–I am the very last person to get a smartphone.  I was going back and forth for a long time between an iPhone and a Droid.  Plus, I wasn’t sure I wanted to be addicted to my phone, like so many of my smartphone-loving friends.  I decided it was time to be a little more connected, just for the sake of convenience and purchased a Droid X.

Hey Mr. Phone!

The bad news?  I have absolutely no clue how to work it, and I’m already convinced I will never get used to the size.  It just seems so giant!  Time will tell, I suppose . . .

This afternoon, I turned to what has become my Monday usual workout.  Just like Courtney has her Monday usual lunches, it seems I’m always up for Jackie Warner’s Power Circuit followed by the yoga portion of Body by Bethenny.  Hey, whatever works, right?

I was more than ready for dinner by the time I got done working out, so I got right to work in the kitchen with this guy:

Yep, that’d be a mango!  They were 10 for $10 at the grocery store this week, so I nabbed one.  They were all ripe and ready to go, which made them pretty much impossible to resist.  Too often, all I find are rock hard mangoes, so when I picked one up that had just a little give, I knew it was mine!  Muhahahahaha!

Inspired by Jessica’s Macaroon Crusted Tilapia, I decided to incorporate my mango and do some shrimp Party of One style!

This is a good one, guys!  Mango + coconut = lots of tropical flavor!  I’ve been craving an exotic vacation lately, and while that isn’t happening anytime soon, this dinner was like a little vacation for my mouth!  It was also really quick to put together and easy, too!

Coconut Shrimp with Mango Cucumber Rice

Serves 1

2 T. roasted almonds, unsalted

2 T. shredded sweetened coconut

1 serving of frozen shrimp, thawed & peeled (I had 31-40 shrimp, so I used 9–check the back of the bag to see what a serving is)


cooking spray

1 serving of rice

1/4 cup each diced mango and English cucumber

Start out by dicing up the mango.  Just slice off the cheeks:

Score the inside:

And pop it out!

Just use a spoon to scrape it away from the rind.  Chop up the cucumber and add it to the mango.

Say hi to Frank!  He’s such a good soux chef!

He watches me cook!  It’s the funniest thing!

Then, get going with the almonds and coconut.  Put them in the food processor and whir away!

Action shot!

It took a good 45-60 seconds to get them to a pretty fine meal, like so:

Next, get your shrimp ready.  Spray them with nonstick spray and season with S&P.  Then, set up a station right beside the stove.

Heat about 1/2 T. oil over medium low heat in a skillet.  Take a sprayed shrimp,

and dunk it in the coconut almond crumbs, pressing evenly to coat.

Are you in there???

A ha!

Gently place it into the oil.

Everybody in!

Cook them for about 2-3 minutes per side.  Keep the heat low and gentle so you don’t overcook them!

Flip!  As soon as you flip ’em, sprinkle on a little salt.

Add the mango and coconut to your cooked rice, and top it with the shrimp.

This was rockin’ with texture!  Cool mango and cucumber, chewy rice, the crunch from the almond coating on the shrimp!  Yum and a half!

Now who wouldn’t want to eat that?  😀

I’m off to finish up a little project I’ve been working on.  This is also calling to me . . .

How you doin'?

How can I resist?

What’s your favorite vacation-inspired meal?

Pretty much anything with fresh fish screams vacation to me!  I guess because I tend to vacation in places near the ocean.  Ahhhhh . . . 😀

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