Foamy, Frothy, Fluffy!

This week, it’s Spirit Week at school.  Each day, the kids (and teachers!) dress up for different themes to show their spirit.  Today was nerd day. 😀


I love the dress up days!  I think I might actually get into it a little more than the kids!  What can I say?  I’m a kid at heart! 😉

When I got home, I had this waiting for me.

What could I be???

I was expecting this particular piece of mail, but not in such a pretty package!

What could it be?

It’s my friend Ashley’s wedding invitation!  She’s an artist, so of course her invite is super creative!  It’s etched onto plexiglass!  How cool is that!?  I can’t wait to share your big day with you, Ash!  Now I just have to get myself to Michigan!

Ash & me at the Britney Spears concert cuz we're cool like that 😉

Lately, I have been having the most random cravings, and I can’t ever quite figure out what I want to eat.  The idea of pancakes has been rolling around in my head for the last few weeks, so I decided to whip ’em up for some breakfast for dinner!  Breakfast for dinner always hits the spot, right?

This recipe was inspired by the BEST breakfast I have ever had–Banana Walnut Pancakes from Dor-Stop just outside Pittsburgh.  Last year when I was traveling a lot for work, I fell in love with Pittsburgh and got to have Dor-Stop’s luscious pancakes twice.  I have been dreaming of them ever since.  They are enormous and decadent.  It’s the kind of meal that fills you up after one pancake, but you’ve just gotta try to eat the other one because they are that good.  Sometimes you just have to channel your inner cow and work it out with the multiple stomachs, ya know?

Dor-Stop and their famous pancakes were even featured on Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives!

Although my recipe is no where near as good as theirs, it’s mighty tasty!  And while health isn’t of paramount concern when we’re talking pancakes, these are relatively healthy–no oil or butter and low in sugar with a little Splenda brown sugar blend.

Banana Walnut Oatmeal Pancakes

Makes 6 pancakes

½ c. old fashioned oatmeal

½ c. whole wheat flour

2 T. Splenda brown sugar blend (or ¼ c. brown sugar)

1 tsp. baking powder

¼ tsp. baking soda

1 tsp. cinnamon (you could reduce this–they were quite cinnamon-y, but I like it like that!)

¼ c. finely chopped walnuts

1 banana, sliced

½ c. skim milk

1 tsp. vanilla

1 egg, separated

What to do:

Pre-heat a skillet or griddle over medium-low heat.

Dump all the dry ingredients into a bowl, and whisk to combine.

Add milk, vanilla, and egg yolk, and whisk until incorporated.

Now, the egg white.  Whipping up the egg white in a separate bowl first gives you a light, fluffy pancake.  It takes about 3 minutes and is worth every second of your time.











Then, veeeerrry carefully,



‘fold ’em on in to the oat mixture with a rubber spatula.  Be gentle!




Now, we griddle!  Set up your station!  {You know how work stations thrill me!}

Spray your preheated griddle with non-stick spray.  Add 1/3 c. batter for each pancake, and top with banana slices.

Cook ~3-5 minutes on each side or until bubbles break on the surface and edges are just beginning to set.


Turn gently and cook another 3 minutes or so.

Heat up a little syrup to drizzle over the top and prepare to dine!

Dip dip drip!

While I mentioned that these pancakes are relatively healthy, you sure wouldn’t know it!  It was as decadent as eating a plate of cookies for dinner.  Love that!  You know I housed all 6 of ’em! 😉

We’re in for a bit of weather over here tonight, and the lightening outside my window combined with the howling wind is already freaking me out a little.  I like storms, but I get a little uneasy when I’m alone during them.  Time to batten down the hatches!

Have you ever recreated a favorite restaurant meal?  How did it compare?  I’d love to hear!


8 thoughts on “Foamy, Frothy, Fluffy!

  1. Kira says:

    Okay…those look amazing! When your cookbook comes out I request an autographed copy. 🙂 thinking I might make these this weekend.

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