Brrrrrrrrrrr!!!  What is with this screwy weather?!  Correct me if I’m wrong, but Spring began last week.  That means no more freezing temps and certainly no more snow!  Thanks for playing, Winter, but you are no longer welcome around here!  Make way for warmth! 

I snapped this photo this morning on my way out the door.  There is something very wrong with this picture!


Flip flops: OK  Boots: Most certainly not!

I was especially disappointed in the weather this morning because it was cold, windy, and snowy for our last Pavement Pounders run! Freezing

While the calendar had 8 miles on it for the intermediate group, we opted for the 6.5 mile course already set up for the beginners.  It was too crummy for much more than that!  Aaaaaannnd . . . drumroll please . . . I ran with the fast girls this morning!  Granted, they opted to run a little slower than they usually do, but it was fun to listen to them chatting and have some running buddies!  The race is next weekend, so everyone’s energy was great this morning!  We’re all ready to go! Open-mouthed smile


I even went to brunch afterward and had the most delicious frittata!  Onions, peppers, mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, potatoes, goat cheese, and basil!  Holy yum!  Again, I’m still a little too shy to snap photos of my food in front of people I don’t know, but it was pretty and tasty, I promise!  But, just for reference, it looked something like this, plus goat cheese and basil on top.  Winking smile



One of the things I like about staying at other people’s houses is getting to try out their beauty products.  I love sampling lotions, hairsprays, scrubs, etc.  C’mon, you know you do, too!

This weekend, in addition to enjoying the super comfy bed I get to sleep in, I am having fun trying out new products as well. 

So far, I’ve sampled some shampoo and conditioner, a hair mask, and a lovely salt scrub!  Open-mouthed smile

First up,

Loreal’s EverPure Color Care Moisture Shampoo

products 009products 011

Even though my hair isn’t colored, I used this because it’s what’s in their shower!  It’s really thick and creamy, but it rinsed out completely clean.  I find that some richer shampoos tend to leave a residue.  Not so with this!  Plus, it smells great! Thumbs up

Next, I tried the hair mask. 

It’s a 10 Miracle Hair Mask


  1. Detangles
  2. Restores Moisture
  3. Instantly Restores Elasticity
  4. Softens
  5. Smoothes
  6. Imparts Luminous Shine
  7. Enhances Natural Body
  8. Nourishes
  9. Defrizzes
  10. Improves color vibrancy


products 003products 004


Eh, I give it about a 5.  I left it on for about 5 minutes and couldn’t really see a difference.  Yes my hair was detangled and maybe the body was slightly improved, but otherwise?  Not impressed.  My hair was actually a lot softer when I used the next product!


Rusk Sensories Healthy Conditioner

products 005products 007


Of the offerings on the products buffet, this is by far my favorite!  First of all, it smells amazing!  Bergamot is one of my favorite scents to begin with, so perhaps it had a bit of an advantage, but I love love love how soft it made my hair!  You know how some products make your hair so soft that you have to keep touching it?  This does that!  I think I may have to search this one out and get my own bottle!


Pink Freesia Salt Scrub


products 001products 002

This had a really nice light scent—not super overpowering like some flowery scented products can be.  I liked that this scrub wasn’t too greasy, too.  Some salt scrubs leave a “moisturizing” residue on your skin, which I am not a fan of at all.  This just exfoliates, then gets the heck out of there! 


Now that I am sufficiently scrubbed and smoothed, it’s time to watch some VCU basketball!  Let’s GO RAMS!!!  Black and yellow black and yellow black and yellow black and yellow . . .



Have you tried any new products lately?  What are you loving?


2 thoughts on “Sampling

  1. Ah, I really thought I was the only one who just loooves trying other people’s shower stuff, glad I’m not 🙂
    Hmm…I’m really into Neutrogena Build a Tan. It seems to give me the best, most natural olive skin tone.
    Happy Monday, friend!

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