No More Whining

My high school cross country coach used to wear a shirt with this symbol when we had to do hill workouts.


I loved that shirt.

See, I am not a fan of whining.  It’s annoying.  It accomplishes nothing.  It makes me irritated.

Venting,  I get.  But whining, no.


Perhaps this is why I keep so many things inside rather than talking about them? Well, that’s a post for another day.

So where am I going with this anyway?  Well, this afternoon, I came home and wrote a big long post about how upset I am about how I’ve been eating lately.  Keep in mind that as I wrote, I had 2 AB cookies.

AB cookies 003

Yeah . . .

The fact of the matter is, I haven’t been following my Lenten resolution to be more mindful about eating.  I could get into it, but I won’t.  Because as I was writing, I realized I was whining.  And that simply will not do.

Every day, I resolve that I am going to do a better job.  And then, I decide I feel like baking and eat half a dozen cookies.  Or cookie dough just sounds really good.  Or a co-worker brings in some kind of treat.  And it is 100% ok with me to have these treats, but I need to STOP eating them when I’m not hungry!

BLAT 017Coconut Shrimp, Cookies 012blog 030Trader Joes 015

So there I was, waxing poetic about why it’s so hard, making excuses about why I’m not making better choices.  It just wasn’t working.  I got frustrated.

Now, writing is one of the things I do when something is bugging me.  It usually makes me feel better.  But today, it just didn’t cut it.

I tried strategy number 2: running.


Running clears my head like no other.  If something is grinding on my brain, I will run until I can work it out.  Given that I have my race on Saturday, 6 miles today might’ve been a little far to go, but I needed it.  After my run, I thought I had it almost worked out.  But not quite.

Enter strategy number 3: cleaning.


There is something about scrubbing something to make it seem new again that I find incredibly satisfying.  Like running, it helps to clear my head.  As I cleaned, I realized 2 things:

  1. I have been beating myself up about this for 3 weeks, but I haven’t changed a damn thing I’m doing.
  2. My floors were incredibly dirty.  Ew.

I have no one to blame but myself.  It has nothing to do with gaining weight or being thin, it has to do with treating my body right.  Fitness-wise, I’m batting 1,000.  (That’s good, right?  I know nothing about baseball.)  But eating-wise, I’m being completely half-assed in my effort.

So now I have a plan.

BTW do you remember this scene from 10 Things I Hate About You? Where she has to show the coach “the plan” so she can get Patrick out of detention?  Classic!

Anyway, do you wanna hear my plan?  Hope so! Embarrassed smile

  • Do not eat unless I feel biologically hungry.  Every.single.time. until I get myself in check.
  • Eat slowly.  Enjoy my food.  Taste each bite.
  • Eat one cookie.  Then stop.  <—Cookies are a gateway drug for me.  I may have to wait a few days before I try this.
  • Go to church.

I think that last one is a key.  Part of the reason I wanted to start eating more mindfully was because of Lent.  But because my running group meets on Sunday mornings and the other masses I can attend aren’t necessarily convenient, I haven’t been going.  I miss it.  I want to go.  No excuses.

Now, I’m off to enjoy a repeat of Monday night’s dinner!  I toldya it was a good one! Open-mouthed smile

Tofu Stir Fry 022

Have a superfantastic night, my friends!

Do you ever catch yourself whining?  How do you avoid it?


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