Why I Go To Work

Today is a teacher work day, and I couldn’t be happier.  I need a break from these kiddos!

We still have 2 weeks left until Spring Break, but everybody seems to be sick of each other at school.  The kids are sick of each other.  The teachers are sick of each other.  The kids are sick of the teachers.  The teachers are sick of the kids.  You get the idea.

This last week, we’ve had several girl fights.  We’re talking skirts hiked up, weave on the floor, crawling over lunch tables.  Oh yeah.  Those girls like to get it.  On the plus side, it weeds out the bad ones.  They’re all suspended. Winking smile

In the interest of keeping my sanity, I thought I’d share a few positive highlights here!

First up, my student N.  Love this girl.  She does things like wearing Skittles as a bow in her hair.

blog 003

Every time I see her, she says, “Miss Wuh-sin, girl, you be lookin’ good!”  I just adore her.  Although she can drive me crazy by virtue of the fact that she talks all.the.time. she is completely darling and hilarious.  I tell her regularly that I can’t wait to watch her reality show.

Next, we have the creativity of the fabulously obnoxious E.

In my silent classroom during reading time


E: {squawks @ another student}

Me: E! Stop talking!

E: I didn’t talk!

Me: OK then, stop squawking!  Didn’t know I needed to specify.

Entire class: dissolves in giggles

Another conversation overheard in my classroom:

Student 1: You in Miss Wuh-sin’s zumba club?

Student 2: Yeah, she be breakin’ it down!


In case you were wondering, their favorite zumba song is “Move Shake Drop.” Open-mouthed smile

Last, but most certainly not least, is one of my most talented students.  He regularly comes in my room during my planning time to share the latest rap lyrics he’s come up with.  They’re all clean and thoughtful.  The kid has skills!  Here he is doing a rap of the Preamble of the Constitution for Social Studies.

I can’t wait ’til his album drops! Winking smile

What gets you to work when the going gets tough?


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