When Plans Fail

I did everything right.


I trained.

I hydrated.

Race Day 017

I had a plan.

I was pumped!!!

Race Day 004

I was slow.

Race Day 027

OK, not that slow.

But, slow for me.  And I’m bummed about it.  I felt great before the race, but once I got into it, my legs just weren’t feeling it.  They were heavy and didn’t want to move.  I’m bummed that after all the weeks and weeks of training that I was slower than I’ve ever been.  Sad smile

In all fairness to myself, I did have to stop and tie my shoe. 

I did take a ton of pictures on the course. 

I didn’t have my iPod sensor that usually paces me and tells me my time. 

I did have a lot of anxiety about seeing a certain someone on the course (I realize this is ridiculous in a field of 41,000 runners, but it was there). 

I just didn’t get it done today. 

But, it is OK.  There will be other races.  I may or may not be faster, but the important part is the fun, so I’m trying to focus on that!

Because it was fun!!!

DSCN0093Race Day 011

Race Day 008DSCN0098

I love the energy of a race—the coming together of the masses to strive for the same goal.  Runners, by and large, are hugely supportive of one another, and today was no exception.  Everyone was friendly and excited.  There was definitely a great buzz in the air!

The course was an out and back type, taking us down Monument Avenue and back and finishing in Monroe Park, in the heart of VCU’s campus.

Race Day 018Race Day 019

Lotsa action shots from the course!

Race Day 022Race Day 024

Those last 2 are of the trolley pace car and the Kenyans, who were probably finished before I reached the 1 mile marker! Winking smile

With 400 meters to go, there was a huge gold sign that said, “Final 4 00 meters to go!”  A little nod to the Rams, who take on Butler tonight in Houston!  There was no shortage of black and gold, that’s for sure!


Self Portrait Action at the Finish Line!


Runner Food!  Bananas & Bagels


Can you tell how cold I was walking back to the car?  I’m all hunched up here!


Who am I???  Orange visor, blue jacket, green pants, just carrying around some bananas.  NBD.  Luckily, no one seemed to think I was out of place!

All in all, no, it wasn’t a huge success.  But it’s over and I’m not going to beat myself up about it.  Better luck next time and all that. 

Now, I’m off to eat a giant bagel.  Or a giant bowl of oats.  Or both. 

The sun is shining, and I plan to enjoy the day!


And even though I was slow today, it doesn’t take away from my awesomeness.  That’s what counts, right? Winking smile


5 thoughts on “When Plans Fail

  1. You finished! That gives you so much awesomeness credit right there! I know exactly how you feel. You put so much into a race and then something fails and you end up doing worse during the race than on training runs. It’s frustrating. But so worth it when you run that awesome race. So, keep it up. And keep up the wearing multiple jewel tones at one time. I think you’re on to something there.

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