Wiped Out

I have done a whole lot of nothing today.  What is it about running a race that just completely wipes you out?


I am still fully functional after training runs, but I guess it’s the exertion and excitement of the race that just takes it out of me.  Even though I didn’t do as well as I had hoped, at least I know I still “left it all out there!”

I spent the afternoon eating bagels, reading blogs,catching up on my DVR, and attempting to nap.  I’m not a good napper.  Never have been.  I’m incredibly envious of those of you who can!  I hope you appreciate it!  I would have given anything for a nap today!

I had originally planned to meet up with friends to watch the VCU vs. Butler game tonight, but I could barely muster the energy to get dressed, let alone doll myself up to be seen in public!  I opted to watch the game at home and drive through Chik-fil-A for a Chargrilled Chicken and Fruit Salad.  I was craving something fresh and light, but I knew there was no chance I was cooking!


I give this salad a solid C.  The flavor was fine, but nothing special.  It was more the rationing of fruit that I was bothered by.

3 strawberry halves

4 mandarin orange segments

5 grapes

5 pieces of apple

Do they employ someone to count out the pieces of fruit???  Oh, and I think there were about 4 shreds of cheese on it.  C’mon Chik-fil-A!  You can do better!

I know it’s only a fast food salad, but my hopes were high.  I did my best to dress it up!

Chik fil a salad 001

I warmed up the chicken and drizzled on some Berry Balsamic Vinaigrette, and it shaped up OK.  They included a little packet of granola as a topper that gave it a little somethin’ somethin’ to redeem it a bit!

Chik fil a salad 002

I really like the idea of this salad, so I’m looking forward to recreating a much better version of my own! Winking smile

I believe I may have some of this in my future . . .

Because some days call for chocolate in controlled quantities! 😀



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