Hypercolor Happy Hour

Guess who I met up with for dinner tonight???

Chilis 002

My friend, Danielle, and her fiance, Bryce!

Danielle and I met back in the fall when we were both brand new to Virginia.  She and Bryce have been doing a long distance engagement the entire time I’ve known her, so I know she’s thrilled to have him here with her now!  Welcome to Richmond, Bryce!

We caught up over some happy hour specials at Chili’s—$2 beers complete with chips and salsa for munching!

Chilis 001

Suuuper salty!  YUM!

Danielle and I both chose the Carribean Salad, mine with grilled chicken and hers with grilled shrimp.  This was the fruit-filled salad I was looking for the other night!  The difference is, this one actually satisfied my craving!

Chilis 003

I am 99% sure that no one counted out how many cranberries or oranges were on this salad. Winking smile

Chilis 004

How good is grilled chicken with fresh pineapple?!?  Ahhh!  Delish!

So, as often happens with Danielle and me, we had the most random of conversations over dinner, while Bryce added his insights here and there, but mostly humored us! Smile

At one point, we found ourselves talking about these:


Yes, children of the early 90s, those would be Hypercolor T-Shirts!  Did you have one??? 

For those of you who are unfamiliar, these were the “it” shirts to have when I was in middle school.  Sadly, there was no Hypercolor in my wardrobe, but Danielle was lucky!  She had the version pictured above!  A purple shirt that turns to pink when you get warm?!  My twelve-year-old self is crazy jealous right now!  Poor Bryce had never even heard of Hypercolor so naturally he thought we were both insane rattling on about these amazing t-shirts that changed color with the heat!

Him: “Wait, you mean, if you sweat, it changes color?”

Us: “Well, yeah, but it’s cool!  Even if you just get warm, it goes from purple to pink, or turquoise to green!”

Him (still clearly not getting it): “So everyone could tell if you were pitting out???”

Us: “Maybe, but really, it was so cool!  You could leave your handprint on someone’s shirt!!!”

OK, maybe we weren’t doing a good job of selling it, but Hypercolor was the coolest!  Followed by CoEd Naked shirts in high school.  I didn’t have one of those, either.  In retrospect, I’m actually glad about that one!  Not exactly classy, right?


Ahhh, the 90s! 

Some of my other favorite trends include:



Slap Bracelets, Bubble Tape, White Canvas Keds, & Guess Jeans

I remember that I was dying for a pair of Keds, but they were $25, so I had to get the store brand that only cost $10 or something like that.  Finally, finally! my mom gave in and got me the real deal!  And when the little blue KEDS logo started peeling off the back, I had to superglue it back on!  Oh yes, it was all about the logo! Open-mouthed smile

OK, you knew it was coming . . .

What were your most coveted 90s trends?


8 thoughts on “Hypercolor Happy Hour

  1. I love the 90’s! Of couse the usuals BSB, NKOTB, NSync but I was obsessed with ring pops. My friends and I constantly gave them to each other. Oh and having a computer! I had the old school Apple that my mom got from work. Pinball was the best.

  2. Renee Byard says:

    GREAT post! Lot’s of good memories, here~ FIRST of all…….The memory of my daughter and future son-in-law is a little fuzzy, since I miss her (them) so much! Have to still get used to the “them” part. I really, really, miss their “love-pug”, Poey!
    The other memories….ohhhhh myyyy, the hypercolored tee-shirts….hahaha, so fun! Where was Bryce, when they were around? Did you know the slap bracelets were around in the mid 70’s…they actually made their comeback in the 90’s.
    Have a GREAT hump-day~ 🙂

  3. Lisa says:

    LMAO! I did the same thing when the blue label came off my keds! And if it was gone I refused to wear them!
    Guess, Pepe, and Girbaud Jeans were the jeans to have at my middle school!

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