Pillow Barricade

Well, I made it back to Richmond.  To tell the truth, I’m feeling a little bummed.  It was so great to see my mom, and it just makes me a little lonely to have to come back to a place where I don’t have any close ties.  I guess it’s just a little letdown to come home to an empty apartment after having family around all weekend.  I’m trying to focus on the positive, though, and I made myself a creamy green monster to cheer me up.

Charlotte Day 3 005

A little more than half full, I'd say! 😉


In my favorite glass, no less, it’s a reminder to look for the good things!

In the interest of cheering myself up, here are a few other things that are making me smile today:


Mangoes are still on sale at Kroger this week!  Thinking about chopping some up and freezing them, then turning them into a mango sorbet . . .


I have a DVR full of Gilmore Girls reruns!  And since there’s no one else here to argue with me, I can watch them all if I want to!


Heartbreaker came on my iPod on shuffle randomly this morning while I was running.  I had forgotten that Jay-Z did part of it with her.  Made me smile. Smile


This reminder on my google calendar popped up on my phone today!  In just 6 days, I’m headed to Seattle to see my cousin, Alison!

blog 037

I get to sleep in my own bed tonight!  I am the most bizarre-o sleeper on the planet.  I like to make a little “pillow barricade” around myself—pillows to my right and left, one to sleep on, and another to put over my head to keep the light out.  I also have to have my rain machine on for white noise.  It lulls me to sleep and helps me stay asleep.  There’s nothing better than sleeping in my own bed! Open-mouthed smile

Guess what?  I feel better already!  Really!

Do you ever feel a let down when something you’re looking forward to is over?  How do you cheer yourself up?


8 thoughts on “Pillow Barricade

  1. Renee Byard says:

    Do you know there’s an app on your droid for a sound machine. It’s called “White noise” in the marketplace, free and wonderful when you’re traveling. I too…..MUST have a sound machine for sleep when I travel.

    You are going to ahve so much fun in Seattle! YAYAYAYAY~

  2. i love the “half full” glass. So fun:) It’s hard to leave somewhere we feel that we just “fit” into with people we love and go to a place that we don’t love so much. If I lived close by, I’d say that we should get together!

  3. Lisa says:

    Do you record the Gilmore Girls reruns from ABC Family?? I record them and love spending Sunday afternoon watching them all!

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