Shopping, Sushi, and Sweets

We have been 3 busy chicks running around Charlotte this weekend!  Judging by the pictures I took yesterday, you might think all we did was eat!  Yes, there were some good eats, but we had a lot of fun, too! Smile

Early in the day, we went over to explore the house Connie’s looking at buying.  It’s right across from Lake Norman, which is a huge beautiful lake that stretches through something like 4 counties.  Connie is an amazing decorator, so she already knows what she wants to do with the rooms and the yard.  The house is so her!  I hope she gets it!


At that point, we all had decorating on our minds, so we ran up to Home Goods to check out their selections.  This was a really “good” Home Goods, so we spent quite a bit of time perusing the bedding, rugs, mirrors, lamps, and kitchen stuff.  You know how some versions of a store are better than others and just have so much more selection?  What’s that all about?

After working up an appetite with shopping and home viewing, we drove up to Vinnie’s for lunch.  To me, Vinnie’s is a typical “vacation” restaurant.  Right on the water, fresh seafood, simple but fun décor.

Charlotte Day 2 001

I especially liked the giant Charlie Tuna on the wall!  So much so, that I ordered the dish by the same name.

Charlotte Day 2 006

Simple blackened tuna on a whole wheat wrap with lettuce and tomato.  I love fresh fish!  We also shared a Shock Top Raspberry Wheat.  I’m not always a huge fan of fruity beers, but this was a winner!  Light and refreshing!

101_0164Charlotte Day 2 005

My lunch dates!

Charlotte Day 2 002

Unfortunately, the weather turned on us around lunchtime, and we had to head home to change into warmer clothes.  The temperature dropped so quickly and the sunshine went away . . . we sure were glad to have long pants on because we were headed north to Raffaldini Vineyards.

Charlotte Day 2 015

On the way there, we saw some of the biggest cows any of us had ever seen!  This one kept it classy by relieving itself as soon as I tried to take its picture.  Charming.

Charlotte Day 2 007

But my God!  HUGE, right???

By the time we made it to the vineyard, the sky was threatening to open up on us, so I snapped a few pics on the fly as we scurried into the tasting room.  I’m sure it would have been a gorgeous place to sit outside and enjoy some wine had it not begun pouring rain about 2 seconds later!

Charlotte Day 2 010Charlotte Day 2 012Charlotte Day 2 014

Can you tell we were dying to run inside here???


The wines were quite tasty!  We tried a Pinot Grigio, which was actually really good!  I’m not too much of a white wine drinker, but this one was nice and crisp, with a mineral note to it that I really liked!  The reds were our favorites, though, and we bought a bottle of a red blend called Bella Misto (selected by yours truly just because I liked the name!) to sip on, along with red wine infused brownies!  I can never turn down a brownie!  Or wine, for that matter! Winking smile

Charlotte Day 2 020Charlotte Day 2 021

We sipped and nibbled, then dashed through the rain back to the car for the hour long ride back home.  Because we are super shoppers and we really needed to shop a little more, we stopped off at Kirklands to check out some more goods!  I had never really explored there, even though there’s one right by my apartment.  They had some cute stuff and great prices.  I’ll definitely have to check it out once I get back to Richmond!

Then, we did this:

Charlotte Day 2 022

A Pome-tini for Connie, a Mango-tini for me, and a Marga-tini for Mom at the bar at eeZ, an Asian Fusion place in Birkdale Village.  While we sipped, we noticed a man across the bar drinking a Corona with lime.  No big deal, right?  Except that he left the lime poking out of the top of the bottle while he drank it . . . I wanted to go give him a tutorial!  No sir, this is not how it’s done.  Put the lime into the bottle, then sip. Of course, then we caught him laughing at us as we tried to cram giant bites of sushi into our tiny mouths!  Ah, to each their own, right?

I don’t even care if I didn’t look dainty eating my sushi because it was soooooooooo gooooood!

Charlotte Day 2 023Charlotte Day 2 026

The rolls all had really cool names, but of course I don’t remember all of them!  The first was mango and shrimp with cucumber.  Then, there was the Miss Moffett, which was spicy tuna with avocado and sesame seeds—I think this one was my fav of the bunch!

Finally, we had a spider roll, which is another of my favorite rolls.  It’s fried softshell crab inside a roll and it is the best!

Charlotte Day 2 024Charlotte Day 2 027

With a little ahi ceviche on the side!  Fresh was the name of the game here—everything was excellent!

While we sat at the bar with our sushi and martinis, the weather really rolled in!  We’re talking crazy wind, driving rain, tornado warnings, the works.  Yikes!  The satellites on the TVs at the bar even went out—that’s when you know you’re really in trouble!

Good thing it died down enough for us to scoot over to TCBY for dessert!

Charlotte Day 2 028

TCBY is a childhood favorite of mine.  We used to have it in Michigan, but it’s been gone for some time, so I was dying for a dish!  I got a little over-eager (I know, who me??) and squeezed five different types of yogurt into my bowl along with copious toppings.  It was every bit as tasty as I remembered!

Now, I’m going to run 15 miles since I ate my weight in sweets and sushi yesterday!  OK, not really.  Just a little more hanging out to do before I hop in the car and head back to Richmond this afternoon.  Good thing the weather’s supposed to cooperate.  Otherwise, I would have to stay in Charlotte . . . darn.

Only one more week of work until Spring Break and Seattle, though!  Think I can make it???

How’s your weekend going, friends?

Catch you from home later tonight!


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