Melissa Smash!

Howdy, kids!  I have some shocking news for you tonight.  Please don’t hate me. 


I think I might actually like Mondays.

I know. 

This might be my Girl, Interrupted moment.  Lock me up because I’ve truly lost it.


Can I plead my case first?  Pretty please?  Stick with me here . . . while I love and need the weekend, Monday gets me back into a routine.  While weekends are always fun, there’s comfort in the regularity of day to day life . . . it settles and centers me.  It’s nice to have weekends and vacations to look forward to—and make no mistake, I am excellent at hanging out—it’s also pretty cool that I can enjoy my day to day life.  When you’re always focused on the weekend, I think you lose sight of how great the regular stuff can be, too.  Just a little food for thought.

And if you’d still like to lock me up, I’ll understand. Winking smile

These were just a few of the thoughts zooming around in my brain while I pounded out a nice long run this afternoon in our 85* heat!  I guess the theme of the night is crazy because I love love love running in the hot, humid weather!  There’s just something about getting myself insanely sweaty that I find so satisfying!

Smashed Taters 002

Gotta hydrate!

Smashed Taters 005

Sweaty chick.  The new hotness, ya know! Winking smile

I also had some new songs on my playlist that spurred me on to complete just over 8 miles.  I got my replacement Nike +iPod sensor in the mail today, so I just have to calibrate it, and I’ll be back in business!  Thank goodness!  It’s driving me crazy not to know how far I’ve gone!  How did I live without this thing?

Nike plus iPod

I call it my poor man’s version of a GPS.  You put the sensor in your shoe (I don’t have the “official shoe”) and plug the other side into your iPod.  It tracks your distance, pace, calories, etc.  You can set it up to play with a specific playlist or to shuffle.  You can set it up based on the distance or time you want to do, and it will tell you your mile markers and halfway point.  Or, as I usually do, you can just go with the basic workout and it will track your pace and distance.

Here’s the coolest part: it logs all of your workouts!  All you have to do is plug your iPod into your computer, and it loads them straight into Nike’s site, where you can track your progress.  Pretty sweet if you ask me!  I also love that it congratulates you after you’ve completed your longest distance workout!  It’s a nice little pat on the back! Smile

I was in the mood for a simple summer supper tonight.  I’ve been craving barbecued chicken because it just screams “summer” to me.  Sadly, I don’t have a grill, but my Griddler was on standby and ready to go! 

While my chicken grilled up, I was determined to do something with these babies.

Smashed Taters 001Smashed Taters 007

Yeah.  Remember these?  They have been sitting in my pantry for almost a month.  Fail. Embarrassed smile

I hate wasting food, especially when it has my own name on it for Pete’s sake!  Guess I’m just not all that into potatoes???  I have no idea why I forgot about these.  They were starting to shrivel a little and some were even growing those weird potato horn thingys, but I was bound and determined to make them into something!  I weeded out the salvageable ones, and decided to make them into mini smashers! 

This isn’t so much a recipe as a method, so this is how we do it!  I originally got this idea from Kristin over at Iowa Girl Eats, who is much more savvy than I, so bare with me.

Wash up your taters and prick them with a fork a couple of times.  Pop ‘em into the microwave for 5 minutes.  Dust.  Vacuum.  Do something that takes 5 minutes. 

Come back and get your taters ready to smash!

Smashed Taters 009

They really are just so cute, right?  Mini anything is cute!

Now, channel your inner Hulk!  Melissa Smash!  Don’t be afraid little taters!

Smashed Taters 010Smashed Taters 011Smashed Taters 012

See?  That wasn’t so bad!

Smashed Taters 013

Season your taters to your liking.  I used garlic salt and pepper, then put them into a skillet heated to medium with a little Garlic Gold oil.

Smashed Taters 014Smashed Taters 016

Give them about 5 minutes or so in the pan, then flip and fry for another 5 minutes.

Smashed Taters 019

Now, grate up some fresh parm and sprinkle it on top.  Mmmm . . .

Smashed Taters 023Smashed Taters 024

Also, melt a teaspoon or so of Smart Balance Light and drizzle that over the tops.  I forgot to photograph that part.  I was distracted by the cheese . . .

Put them under the broiler for a few minutes and you’ve got Mini Parmesan Smashed Taters!

Smashed Taters 026

I served mine up alongside a spinach salad and my barbecued chicken.  I even ate at the table like a real grown up! 

Smashed Taters 028

I am so evolved. 

But look how prettyful! (Yes, I do like to make up words!)

Smashed Taters 029

I should really do potatoes more often.  Garlicky, and cheesy, and crispy—I would eat these alongside pretty much anything!

Smashed Taters 031

I’m feeling generous tonight, so I saved you a bite, too! Winking smile

I could only finish half of my chicken breast, but he’s chillin’ in the fridge ready to be a quesadilla? Or a pizza?  Or a panini? 

Stay tuned!

Alright, time to spill. 

Can you get on board with me in liking Mondays?  Or is it just never gonna happen?


6 thoughts on “Melissa Smash!

  1. That Monday thing…you’re on your own girl. 🙂 BUT, I used to have a Nike ID and loved it! Until I got my Garmin of course. The thing I hated about it was I needed to find Nikes I liked WITH the Nike ID insert in them. Until I saw another blogger who just put the sensor under her shoelaces. Um…how could I have not thought about that when I actually used it?

    • That’s what I do with mine! 😉 I actually just ordered a little pouch-y thing to put it in that attaches to my laces, so hopefully it’s not coming from Taiwan or something and gets here soon!

      Someday I will be rich and I will own 50 Garmins. It’s gonna be awesome.

  2. This post was cracking me up! I love your energy on Monday – its inspiring! Weekends are fun, but I also love getting back into a routine. I love making my little list of things to accomplish this week =)

    I’ll be on board with you for Mondays!
    And those little potatoes look delicious!

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