Springing into Shape

Now that the weather’s warmer, it’s easier to be more active and to get yourself in shape for summer!  Every week, I get “The Fit List” from Fitness magazine via email. The stories can sometimes be hit or miss, but the one featured yesterday had a few great tips.  I thought I’d share some of them, sprinkled with a few of my own ideas! 🙂

Peel Back the Layers

Heading out for a run?  Ditch the long sleeves and pants for shorts and a tank.  Wearing your more revealing workout clothes can act as a motivator to get in shape, especially when you know you’ll be wearing that much less poolside!

Suit Up & Show Up

Whenever I’m not feeling a workout, I suit up!  Just putting on my running clothes works as a pretty decent motivator for me.  I rarely get dressed to workout and then just hang out on the couch.  If you plan to hit the gym after work, pack everything you need the night before and put it in your car so you’re ready to go.  That way, you won’t have the chance to make excuses the next day. 

The second component to this is to show up!  Not feeling a run?  Tell yourself you’ll just go a mile and see how you feel.  If a mile is all you can do–hey you did something!  But once I get going, it’s usually not as bad as I think it’s going to be.  And even if it is that bad, at least I did something!

Book It

With busy schedules, it’s easy to let your workout be the first thing that gets cut from your day.  Don’t let it!  Schedule a time for yourself to move as many days a week as you want to commit to.  Whether it’s attending a class, running with a friend, or just doing a weight workout on your own, carve out time in your day to workout.  For me, I know I get cranky if I don’t get a workout in, so it’s a no-brainer.  Even if it occasionally means I’m up at 5 AM, forgoing that extra 45 minutes of sleep is worth it to me in the long run. 

 Have a Goal

Nothing motivates me more than having something to work toward.  I’m not talking about a goal weight here–I’m talking competition!  Whether it’s training for a race or just a goal to workout 6 days a week, I love having an end point in mind.

Eat Smart

When there’s cake in the office kitchen or doughnuts at the meeting, it’s easy to get derailed from your healthy eating.  I always bring my meals and snacks with me to work, so I know I’m eating whole, nutritious foods that are going to fuel me through my day.  But, I make sure to mix it up by bringing different things each day so I don’t get bored and will therefore be less tempted to indulge in office goodies!  When I know I have a healthy option that’s actually something I want to eat, it’s easier to take the healthier route. 

On the flip side of that, if I go for that morning meeting bagel or have some of the cake someone brought in, I don’t eat all of my meals and snacks that I brought with me, too.  Chances are, I’m not hungry for them anyway.  And if I am, I go ahead and eat them, but I might go a little lighter for dinner–say, a salad instead of pasta.  Easy peasy.  And I don’t feel deprived!

What are your best tips for springing into shape?


8 thoughts on “Springing into Shape

  1. 1. So glad I found/am reading your blog – you are too cute!!
    2. My biggest motivator is having a race planned out to train for – it gives you reason to not slack off because you have an end goal and (if you’re neurotic like i am about training) you have a training schedule to stick to
    3. I prefer hot humid weather too… how weird is that? I love coming back nice and sweaty from a run!

    • Awe, thanks Rachael! You made my day!

      I’m glad I’m not the only one who loves the heat & humidity when I run–it feels like you REALLY accomplished something, right? I agree about training, too! Training is a great motivator–even if I don’t feel like running, I will for fear that I might not be prepared for my race!

  2. Great advice! I agree, the springtime is such a motivating time of year. I love the idea of starting to move more and then becoming motivated from it. It’s inspiring to know that you’re doing your best 🙂

    And eating well. Oh gosh I believe in this with everything that I am. Real, real, whole, foods. Lots and lots of fruit and veg. Volume works wonders 🙂

  3. I’m a huge believer in putting on my workout gear to get me in the mood to exercise. It makes it a whole lot harder to stay on the couch!

    When I was working, it was the hardest thing to avoid all the sweets in the office. One thing that helped was cinnamon gum or sucking on sugar free candy.

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