Something Like Childbirth

When I was looking for my first permanent teaching position, I did a lot of subbing.  I mean, a lot.  I was a long-term sub 3 times over before I finally landed a permanent spot, and the pay was, um, modest. I need to do a little something extra to supplement that income, so I worked in a restaurant waiting tables for extra cash.

The restaurant was one of my favs in the area–Rose’s on Reeds Lake in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  They have an awesome menu.  I’m talking the kind of meals you remember for weeks, months, years after you eat them.  OK, maybe I’m being dramatic.  Maybe not.  I think it really is that good.

Anyway, one of Rose’s signature appetizers is homemade root chips served with goat cheese fondue and red pepper aioli.  Beets, sweet potatoes, and russets fried to crunchy perfection.  Yep, they’re just as amazing as they sound.  I ate my weight in root chips back in those days.  I could go without the russets, but the sweet potatoes and beets?  With that goat cheese fondue?  TDF!

The deck overlooks Reeds Lake

So, why am I rambling on about root chips you ask?

Well, a few weeks ago, I came across a recipe that was decidedly root-ship-esque.  The method called for shaving a sweet potato into thin slices with a vegetable peeler.  Genius!  I knew right away that I had to give it a shot!

As is my habit, I see a recipe somewhere online and then forget to bookmark it.  True to form, I have no idea where I found it and searching didn’t yield any fruitful results, so I kind of had to make this up as I went along.  All things considered, I think the version I came up with worked out pretty darn well!

Shaved Sweet Potato Chips

Based on this recipe (which I found after I wrote this post–I think I did alright recreating it, nonetheless!)

Makes 1 giant serving, but you can eat them all.  I believe in you!

1 sweet potato, peeled

non-stick cooking spray

grill seasoning of your choice–or whatever random seasonings you like to use on your sweet potatoes

The basic method of this seems simple enough.  Peel your naked sweet potato into shavings that will bake up and get crispy and be like little delicious sweet potato chips.

So you peel . . .

And you peel . . .

Until you can’t peel no more!

I’ve gotta tell you . . . at this point, you will be pissed.  You will think, WTF???  I just spent like 20 minutes shaving this thing down and all I have is this pile?  Are you kidding me?  My hand is permanently cramped into a potato-shaped  claw, and I’m hungry and cranky and I’m never doing this again!!!!

For real, though.

So after you’re done having your little fit, season the pile by coating it with cooking spray your favorite seasoning.

Toss it all together to coat and spread the shavings out evenly on the pan.  Shove those little bastards in a preheated 375* oven and grab yourself a drink.  Trust me, you’ll need it!

Pick yer poison!

Twenty minutes later, when you have relaxed and your hand is returning to its former state, you’ll have these:

Crispy and lovely!  Hello, my darlings!

I have a feeling this is something like childbirth.  Once these babies arrive, you instantly forget about all the pain, so smitten you’ll be with the end result! 😀

I mean, these audibly crunch! How can you stay mad at food that makes noise at you?  It’s too charming.  You won’t be able to resist it either!

Gobble gobble munch munch and all is forgiven.

If you are feeling tough . . .

If you have a vice-like grip . . .

If you are really good at things like stripping wallpaper . . .

Make yourself some sweet potato chips!  Worth your trouble, I promise!


9 thoughts on “Something Like Childbirth

  1. mmm they look wonderful! I do love sweet potatoes so I’m going to have to try!

    I know what you mean about working in the food industry and getting addicted to what they serve! It was a good thing that when I was a waitress at Uno’s Pizzeria that I was also training for a marathon because there was a whole lot of deep dish eating going on! 😛

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