Calorie Blasting Interval Workout

Good Saturday morning to you!

I’ve got to make this snappy, cuz I’m about to hop on a plane to the other side of the country to see my cousin, Alison! 


You can stand under my um-brella eh eh eh

Yeah, we’re cool like that! Open-mouthed smile

The last time I saw Ali was almost 2 years ago!  How can that be???  We always have the best time together, no matter how long it’s been since we’ve seen each other.  I can’t wait to see her!

My total travel time today (holy alliteration!) is just under 7 hours in the air, so I wanted to MOVE this morning to make up for all the sitting I’ll have to do later.  I don’t do well with sitting—even in a movie theater!—so I’m glad I have an aisle seat for the longer leg of the flight.  That way, it’s easier for me to stretch my legs out into the aisle if I need to! 

I had planned to run outside this morning, but thunderstorms are in the forecast, so I opted for the tredamill.  Using inspiration from, I came up with this calorie blasting interval workout.  It’s a doozy!

Calorie Blasting Interval Workout

Time Pace
0-5 6.0
5-8 6.5
8-9 7.0
9-12 6.5
12-13 8.0
13-16 6.5
16-17 7.5
17-20 6.5
20-21 8.5
21-24 6.5
24-25 8.0
25-28 6.5
28-29 9.0
29-32 6.5
32-33 8.5
33-36 6.5
36-37 9.5
37-40 6.5
40-45 6.0
Total 5.02 miles

Holy heck!  Those intervals are no joke!  And talk about bang for your buck—the treadmill said I burned 464 calories! 

Needless to say, I was da-ripping with sweat when I got done!  My favorite kind of workout! Open-mouthed smile

After my run, I refueled with a Green Monster.  Nothing beats the cool creaminess!

Charlotte Day 3 005

Time to finish up some last minute packing and hit the road!  Catch you later!


6 thoughts on “Calorie Blasting Interval Workout

  1. Hi Melissa!
    I just stumbled on your blog from Jenny’s at Fitness Health and Food and am glad I did! I think your attitude towards food and exercising is an inspiring one because I am working toward gaining a healthy relationship (once again) with food/fitness. Years of disordered eating have left me simply annoyed, and I am so ready to change!
    Check out my blog if you would like,, and I look forward to continuing to read yours! You were added to my Google Reader 😀

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