Channeling My Inner Sophia Petrillo


Channeling my inner Sophia Petrillo, let me just relate to you the tail end of my journey out to the West Coast on Saturday . . .

Picture it: Seattle, present day.  Local time: just after 11 PM.  A not-so-young girl steps off of a plane with about 180 grouchy travelers.  She has been traveling for nearly 15 hours, and her body clock tells her it’s nearly 2:30 in the morning.  In a desperate attempt to power through the end of this journey and arrive at her final destination, said girl loads her rather heavy “personal item” containing magazines and laptop, among other things, on top of her carry on roller bag suitcase and follows the other passengers.  From gate to terminal, from terminal to tram, and finally, from tram to baggage claim. 

Rescue is just at the top of the escalator.  All she has to do is drag her tower of luggage along and make it to the top.  But just as she’s pulled the tower onto the escalator behind her, something shifts just so, and the top-heavy personal item is now pulling the suitcase—and her—in the wrong direction on the escalator.  With stealth-like ninja moves, she somehow manages to get herself on the other side of the toppling baggage, preventing it from completely falling.  She thinks she has recovered somewhat decently, only to have gravity laugh in her face once she has righted the bag and send it toppling over again.


I swear, the security footage of that moment has to be priceless.  I would pay to see it.  I was even laughing at myself before it fell over the second time.  Then, I was laughing in that “Oh my God, get ahold of yourself!” kind of uncontrollable way.  It was late, I was exhausted, and the universe just can’t be that cruel, right?  Hey, at least I laughed!

After a hellish ordeal of missed connections, delayed flights, and passenger mutiny (ok, not really, but I would have killed for a mini bottle of vodka! Instead, I paid $7 for it once we were in the air.Smile), I did arrive in Seattle on Saturday night.  Alison met me with Trophy Cupcakes and a mini can of Sofia Champagne, complete with its own collapsible straw pinned to the side, juice-box style.  Genius.

2 trophy cakeschampagne

As you may imagine, I was absolutely exhausted yesterday.  Enter my first Seattle Starbucks!

Travel & Seattle 1 011

Appropriately caffeinated, we geared up to do a little Seattle exploration starting with an overlook at Puget Sound.

Travel & Seattle 1 014Travel & Seattle 1 015

Boats, boats, and more boats!  There were lots of little sailboats out on the sound, and it was even clear enough that we could see the Olympic Mountains across the water.

Travel & Seattle 1 018

And yes, the squinty looks on our faces are due to none other than the sun!!!  Yep, I brought it special to Seattle.  Open-mouthed smile

Travel & Seattle 1 020

After petting some cute dogs, we took the party down to “the beach” where we encountered some massive dunes.

Travel & Seattle 1 028

Yeah, not really that massive.  They should check out our Sleeping Bear Dunes in Michigan.  Now those are dunes!!!

Travel & Seattle 1 025Travel & Seattle 1 027

How pretty and fluffy are the clouds!?

Next up, the Ballard Farmers Market!

Travel & Seattle 1 030Travel & Seattle 1 029

Ballard is a very cute, trendy, and upscale neighborhood in Seattle (hello, these people’s houses overlook Puget Sound!).  The farmers market was totally unpretentious, though, with plenty of people playing ukuleles on curbs and kids running around.  Oh, and the best part of a farmers market, of course, free samples!

Travel & Seattle 1 031Travel & Seattle 1 032

We taste-tested everything from Mango Lime Tea to Fleur de Sel Caramels to Walnut Bread to Blueberry Lavender Honey (where the man incorrectly corrected my grammar.  He did not make a sale.).

Hot, fresh crepes were calling to us for lunch!

Travel & Seattle 1 033Travel & Seattle 1 034

We stopped off at the Anita’s Creperie stand for buckwheat crepes stuffed with fresh spinach, mozzarella, feta, and egg—made to order while you wait, of course!  Then we found some perfect crepe-eating steps and chowed!

Travel & Seattle 1 035

I still cannot get over how sunny and gorgeous it was!  Amazing!  We wanted to soak up as much as we could, so we took another lap around the market—passing these strange mushroomy things:

Travel & Seattle 1 036

Yeah . . . I don’t know.  Kinda cool though, right?

And then, because that’s how we do, it was gelato time!

Travel & Seattle 1 038Travel & Seattle 1 039Travel & Seattle 1 042

I tried about a million samples (hey, gelato is an important decision in life!), but we both settled on pistachio, studded with little bits of the crunchy nut, and lavender meringue, which was both rich and light and had a great floral note to it.  Delish!

More exploration took us to the troll!

Travel & Seattle 1 043

Name the movie!  Here’s a hint: I’ve featured it before in a previous post about “the plan.”  Any guesses???

It’s not awkward to be an adult and pose with the troll at all.  In case you were wondering. Winking smile

Travel & Seattle 1 044Travel & Seattle 1 046

He’s not really all that romantic, though . . .

Travel & Seattle 1 047

But his view is pretty sweet . . .

Travel & Seattle 1 048

Then to Gasworks Park for more great views of the skyline . . .

Travel & Seattle 1 054Travel & Seattle 1 055

So pretty!  Like they ordered this weather special for me! Open-mouthed smile

Travel & Seattle 1 057Travel & Seattle 1 058

Look at all the houseboats!  One of those is the boat from Sleepless in Seattle!  OK, not really, but it could be!

Travel & Seattle 1 060Travel & Seattle 1 061

We also found this cool ironwork area with fun things to climb on.  Sorry, I’ll try to be less descriptive next time.

Travel & Seattle 1 063Travel & Seattle 1 065

We had to run away though because it kind of smelled and we thought we saw a dead/homeless person in a heap of blankets and it was just not ok!

The rest of the afternoon was spent checking out Lake Union Café, the venue for Alison’s wedding, which overlooks Lake Union and the skyline.  It’s going to be such a cool place for a wedding!


We also had an appointment at I Do Bridal for Ali to try on a few dresses!  They don’t allow photography, and the sales girl was kind of a schlep, but she did find a beautiful dress!

It’s not any of these exactly, but it does have a gorgeous princess-y vibe!


All dresses from Mori Lee.

By then, this old lady had had it!  We lounged on the couch for the evening, munching some Trader Joe’s Barbecued Chicken Pizza and watching Country Strong via on Demand.  Pretty good flick, actually!


It’s still pretty early here, so I’m waiting for Ali to wake up.  I’m hoping to get a run in, but it looks a little overcast and I’m not into running in the rain when I don’t know where I’m going, so we’ll see about that!

Stay tuned for more Seattle fun!  Hope wherever you are today, you’re having a great one!


7 thoughts on “Channeling My Inner Sophia Petrillo

  1. The house boat from Sleepless in Seattle IS there for realz, by the way. 🙂 If you eat in the Space Needle, get their “steaming” martini. You will not be disappointed. Oh, also get the smores popcorn from Kukuruza – right by Pike’s Market. You know, just eat EVERYTHING there. hee

    Movie: Where the Wild Things Are? I have no clue, but that would be my guess.

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