Committing to the Eating

Howdy!  How’s your week treating you so far?  Being that I’m on vacation, I’ve lost track of what day it is (darn!), but my week is going just dandy, thanks!

Being that we committed to the eating yesterday, I’m feeling a little on the uncomfortable side this morning, but more on that later.

Yesterday, as promised, we did get some of that Seattle rain I’ve been hearing about.  It was the perfect excuse to go out to breakfast and hit up the outlet mall, and so we did!

First up, we stopped off at Portage Bay Café for breakfast.

Seattle 2 001

Using all local, organic, and sustainable ingredients, the café boasts a large “toppings bar” with fruit, nuts, and . . . whipped cream!  All pancake, french toast, and oatmeal orders come with a trip to the toppings bar . . .

Seattle 2 005

I chose the French Toast while Ali opted for the Apple Pancakes.


(Really good) coffee in hand, we hunkered down to wait for our breakfast!

Seattle 2 004

A short while later, it arrived!

Seattle 2 006Seattle 2 007

Here I am with my French Toast on Challah (Holla!) bread, excited for my first experience with the toppings bar!

Seattle 2 008

I loaded up on the berries and dug in only to find . . .

Seattle 2 009Seattle 2 006 (2)

Now I don’t know about you, but I don’t like my French toast quite that toasty.  The other side of those perfect looking pieces up there was decidedly crisp.  So I did something I really hate to do . . . I sent it back. Sad smile 

I don’t know why it bugs me so much to have to send something back.  I feel bad.  And I shouldn’t.  I mean, I’m paying for this, right?  And if I’m going to eat something I want it to at least taste good!  So I mustered up my courage and sent it back.  Only to be given a second order of burnt French Toast.  Fail Portage Bay Café.  Mega-fail. 

Oh, and did I mention I had to awkwardly scrape all of my fruit from the first burnt order onto the second burnt order?  It was no good.  I ate one piece of the French Toast, the least burned one, and they gave me half off, but I was unimpressed.  Bummer.

Fortunately, the promise of outlet shopping kept my spirits high, and we set out for a 45 minute drive north of Seattle to the Seattle Premium Outlets, where we both found a cute cardigan (pictured below at happy hour!) at Banana Republic.  Then, the BCBG outlet caught our eye.  They had tons of cute dresses, but also some interesting denim options, which we decided we really needed to try on for ourselves.

Seattle 2 010

On the right, it’s everyone’s favorite: the strapless denim mini-dress, with pockets for, I dunno, your garden hoe?  And on the left, you’ve got your classic denim romper, complete with adjustable straps and camel-toe inducing booty shorts.  Naturally, we had to try these on together in the world’s tiniest fitting room.  Best decision of the day.

Seattle 2 012

Oh yes, these were the hotness.  We were laughing so hard we were out of breath!  And that’s when Ali suggested we take a solo pic of me in the romper because, “You have to see the separation!”  just in case people might think I was wearing a skirt, ya know. Winking smile

Seattle 2 013

You style your denim romper with socks, too, right?  And an awkward pose?  Ok, thought so.  Just needed some validation.  Now I feel better.

Just to give credit to the BCBG store, we tried on some cute dresses, too.

Seattle 2 014

But what is happening here?

Seattle 2 015

Hmmm.  Anyway, I really liked this little blue dress, but it was a little too . . . little.

Seattle 2 016

I love my expression here.  Like, “Can you see my woo woo?  I’m not sure we should be photographing this!”

Ah, fun.

I didn’t buy the dress, but if I had, they did have some woo woo covering bodysuits for sale over at the Benneton store!

Seattle 2 017

Who decided it was ok to make a onesie for adults?  And why do they only make them for chicks?  You would never see a dude caught dead in a body suit!  I remember my body suit.  They came in style when I was around 8th grade.  Hello most awkward, self-conscious phase of my life, would you like to feel even more awkward and self-conscious by wearing something super fitted and low cut?  Fantastic!  Here ya go!

Plaid Woven Bodysuit In case you were wondering, my bodysuit was in fact plaid, but with a low cut scoop neck.  I was mortified wearing it, but I wanted to fit in so badly that I did it anyway.  Ah, adolescence.  Glad you’re over with!

Shopping sure does work up an appetite!  Lucky for us, there was a Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory to save the day!  Are you aware of how many kinds of caramel apples they have???  How’s a girl to choose?

Seattle 2 019Seattle 2 020Seattle 2 021Seattle 2 022

It was the Avalanche Caramel Apple that won us over, though.  We may or may not have chosen it because it was the biggest one. Winking smile

Seattle 2 018

That’d be caramel, marshmallows, crisped rice, chocolate chips, tiger butter (a mixture of white chocolate and peanut butter), all coated with dark and milk chocolate.  Second best decision of the day!

 Seattle 2 023

What a good cousin, posing for the blog! Open-mouthed smile  It was also around this time that we realized there was a lot of eating we want to do while I’m here.  Too many places to go, things to make, foods to try!  So we committed to the eating.  Put on your stretchy pants! 

Alison had a ton of luck at the stores!  Me, not so much.  Some shopping days are just like that, aren’t they? 

Worn out from our shopping antics, we came back home for a quick rest period.  Oh, and to snack on some beets because we are weirdos, and we both LOVE beets! 

Seattle 2 024

Snack set-up on the couch!  Did you know you can get these beets ready made at Trader Joe’s???  They were outstanding, and I will be buying them in bulk as soon as I return to Richmond! 

Rejuvenated from our beety snack, we headed back to Ballard to hit up happy hour at The Bal Mar.

Seattle 2 027

We each ordered their cocktail of the month, the Modern Love!

Seattle 2 028Seattle 2 029

Holy deliciousness!  That Meyer lemon vanilla foam on top was to die!  And for a sweet cocktail, it wasn’t too sweet, ya know?  Perfection if you ask me! Open-mouthed smile

We also had possibly the best fries I have ever eaten, and I’ve eaten my fair share of fries, kids!

Seattle 2 031

They had to be fried in some kind of amazing oil or something, but the star was really the white truffle aioli on the side.  The ketchup went largely untouched while we dominated that aioli!  We also had another round of drinks.  It seemed like the right thing to do.

Seattle 2 030

Finally, it was time for the last leg of our food crawl, and crawl we did up the street for PHO.  I had never heard of PHO (pronounced “fah” by the way), but apparently I’ve been missing out!  For under $5 a bowl, you get a ton of food!  And it’s really good!  And really fast!  And really fresh! 

Seattle 2 035

Basically, you’re looking at a rice noodle soup with your choice of meat.  I went for the thinly sliced brisket.  They also bring you a giant plate of basil, limes, bean sprouts, and jalapenos so you can add whatever mix-ins you like, along with sauces.  I chose Sriracha because I like it spicy!

Seattle 2 034

All dolled up!

Seattle 2 036

Totally delicious and super filling!  I loved the fresh basil in the soup, too!  Mmmm . . . I want another bowl now!

Oh, and just in case you thought that giant bowl of soup for under $5 wasn’t enough of a bargain, they throw in mini-cream puffs for dessert!

Seattle 2 033

Thank God I actually packed my stretchy pants because I am still full from yesterday! 

Although I enjoy all of this eating, I am feeling pretty blech this morning.  It’s not raining and it doesn’t look too too freezing outside, so I think I may venture out for a quick run.  I need to detox so I can eat more good food today! Winking smile

Is it easy for you to indulge when you’re on vacation or do you feel icky when you do? 

I love trying everything, especially when I’m in a new place, but I hate feeling bloated and overstuffed.  Today, I’m still going to eat everything, maybe just not all of everything! Smile


3 thoughts on “Committing to the Eating

  1. I LOVE pho. My personal trainer makes the best pho I’ve ever had. I’m not one that thinks soup is a meal but those Vietnamese do not understand portion control so that thing fills you up!

    I hope you bought that romper. 😉 I really think it needs a jean jacket with it, tho.

  2. I live in Seattle, and this has been so much fun for me to read about all of your adventures! There have been a lot of, “omg, I’ve been there!”s. Haha. Portage Bay is one of my favorite brunch places, and so sad to hear about your disappointing experience.

    So jealous you went to the Seattle Premium Outlets. I want to go back soon!

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