Excellent Enthusiasm

In case you were wondering, running in Seattle is tough.  Through some paradox of the universe, no matter where you turn, you are always running uphill.  I mean always.  That being said, I pounded out almost 5 miles uphill this morning, and it felt fantastic.  I think it’s safe to say I’m addicted to running.  I don’t quite get the shakes when I don’t run, but I do start to get a little grouchy . . . I guess there are worse addictions, so I’ll take it! Winking smile

This morning, we set out to do a little more wedding dress shopping for Alison.  Trekking all the way to Burien, about 45 minutes south, we went to the labyrinth of bridal gowns—Pearls & Lace Boutique.  I told Alison she had to look excited when I took her picture outside the store.

Seattle 3 001

Excellent enthusiasm.

But seriously, this place was a veritable labyrinth of dressses!  Room upon room upon room of them!

Seattle 3 002Seattle 3 004Seattle 3 005

We literally lost one another in this place!  They had a ton of great options, though!  Now, it’s up to narrowing it down rather than finding the right one.  So exciting!

For lunch, we headed downtown for Seattle’s restaurant week.  There were such pretty views on the way!

Seattle 3 006Seattle 3 007

Seattle 3 008Seattle 3 010

After some quick shopping near the art museum, we went to the Dahlia Lounge for lunch.

Seattle 3 012

It had a really fun upscale vibe with great redone classics on the menu.  The restaurant week selection gave you a choice of appetizer, entrée, and dessert for only $15.  Perfect!Seattle 3 013

We started out with house made bread topped with sweet cream butter and fennel salt.

Seattle 3 016

I am now obsessed with fennel salt.  Ok, maybe I’m just obsessed with salt, but it was hella-tasty!

For lunch, I made the obvious choice: grilled cheese with tomato soup!  Smile

Seattle 3 015Seattle 3 019

The soup was tangy and thick, topped with brown butter croutons and chives.  Reminiscent of Spaghetti-O’s in the best possible way!

And that grilled cheese was absolutely to die for!  Perfectly crunchy bread with white cheddar cheese oozing out!  It even had little crunchy spots attached where the cheese had overflowed and cooked on the griddle into cheesy chips!  The arugula salad on the side was fantastic, too!  A little spicy with a fantastic little pops of cherry tomato, accented by a light vinaigrette.  I was extremely happy with my choice!

We finished out the meal with the Dahlia Bakery Cookie, which was actually 2 chocolate pecan cookies sandwiched around buttercream frosting.

Seattle 3 020Seattle 3 021

We were all expecting giant cookies from the way the server described them, so we were a little disappointed with the dinky offering!  The cookie itself was rich and chocolatey, though, and the buttercream was pretty stinkin’ delicious all by itself.  I’m not a huge fan of crunchy cookies, so I would have liked this to be a little on the softer side, but I still enjoyed a few bites!

Overall, I give the Dahlia Lounge two thumbs up!  Tasty tasty tasty!  Love when it’s restaurant week and you can get a deal at a place you probably couldn’t afford otherwise! Open-mouthed smile

Time for pedicures!  Hope you’re having a great Tuesday!


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