The First Starbucks

It’s a gorgeous, sunny morning here in Central Virginia, but my mind is still in Seattle . . . Seattle 4 001

Here’s my token souvenir Starbucks mug—but this one is extra special.  It’s from the very first Starbucks at Pike’s Place! 

Seattle 4 029

While it looks pretty much like any other Starbys inside (including the long line! Smile), it’s the only store in the country where they still handcraft each drink. 

Seattle 4 030

Rather than using an automated machine, the barista packs the espresso into the machine for each shot.  It takes a little longer, but it’s worth it!  My Tall Soy Latte was rich and creamy.  Mmmmm . . .

Seattle 4 032

Picture complete with token guitar player right outside! Winking smile

They also have their very own Pike’s Place Special Reserve.  It’s different from their Pike’s Place Roast, and you can only get it here!Seattle 4 031

Also of note, this Starbucks doesn’t sell food—just coffee for this crew!  But I have a feeling that hand-operated espresso machine keeps them pretty busy!

I love historic places, so this was right up my alley.  Even though it’s a short history in the grand scheme of things, it’s crazy to think that Starbucks has been selling coffee from this location for 40 years!  They actually didn’t sell brewed coffee at first—just beans roasted in small batches and spices.  Pretty cool to think of how it’s grown from what it used to be!

I’ll be back with more later, but just wanted to give you a little coffee action on this Friday morning! 

What’s your favorite thing at Starbucks?


5 thoughts on “The First Starbucks

  1. Another fun fact about that Starbucks – it’s the only commercial company allowed in/around the Pike’s Market area because it was the first. Every other store HAS to be local.

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