Admittedly, this is not the best picture, but how fun are policemen on horseback???

Seattle 4 047

I snapped this from the car as we headed to lunch near Pike’s Place.  One of the policemen was a little grouchy about having his photo taken.  Sorry, dude!  You’re a novelty!

For lunch, Ali took me to a Seattle institution: Ivar’s Original Acres of Clams!

Seattle 4 049

Located at Pier 54 of Puget Sound, Ivar’s offers both a “fast food” walk up bar and a sit down restaurant.  How cool is that?!?

Seattle 4 050

While the outdoor seafood bar offers more casual, take out style fare, the indoor dining room has fresh fresh fresh seafood, much of it from the purveyors at Pike’s Place!

Seattle 4 051

The feeling inside is fancy—white tablecloths and dark wood décor—but it’s anything but pretentious!  Overlooking Puget Sound, ferries came in and out of the docks as we enjoyed our lunch. 

The dining room is also located right beside the Fire Station where they have, what else, Fire Boats!!!

Seattle 4 054

Clearly, I am a 5 year old, because I found this extremely exciting!  Look how fun they are!  All firey and boaty and stuff! 

Since Ivar’s is famous for their Puget Sound Clam Chowder, I had to try it!  And I had to call it, “Chow-dah!” because even though I was on the West Coast, it’s funner to say it New England style.  Yep, the English teacher just said “funner.”  Deal.Seattle 4 056

Thick and creamy, with big pieces of clam—just like clam chowder is supposed to taste!  I didn’t intend to eat the whole thing, but one thing led to another and . . . I devoured it.  No shame, folks.  No shame.  Just rich, clammy goodness.  Plus, they serve it with the best oyster crackers in existence—Westminster Crackers!  Ahhh!  They had these at the restaurant I worked at in college and I regularly put away at least 3 packs a shift.  Sooooooo good!!!

Of less interest, we had an arugula and beet salad with goat cheese and walnuts on the side.  In the salad’s defense, it was pretty hard to compete with that chow-dah!

Seattle 4 057

And just because we couldn’t help ourselves, we split an order of crabcakes . . .

Seattle 4 058

Holy crap they were delicious!!!  We literally did not speak while we were eating.  These had the perfect blend of crunchy crust with moist, shredded crab packed inside.  Served up with a mustardy remoulade and fresh tomato salsa on top, this was hands down the best crab cake I have ever eaten.  Ivar’s was batting 1000, that’s for sure!  Open-mouthed smile

I’m a little sad that I didn’t try their halibut, especially since it’s a specialty and one of my favorite fish, but I just didn’t have room!  I’m not mad at anything that I did try, though, and I can’t wait for Ali’s wedding next spring so I can go back there!


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