Weekend Recap

Hey kiddos!  What’s everyone up to this weekend?  Since my posts the last couple of days have been devoted to Seattle, I thought I’d pop in to let you know what I’ve been up to!

Yesterday afternoon, I went to Mango Salon for a much needed haircut.  I have no idea why it always happens this way, but one day, I look down at my hair and realize that nearly every end I have is split.  Not cool people, not cool.  When your hair is that frayed, there’s really only one option.


Bun + headband = done.

It was the first time I had been to Mango, and I thought Abby did a great job on my haircut!


What’s going on up there???


Clean ends make me happy!  I will be back!

Sadly, I wasn’t planning on posting the goings-on of last night, so I didn’t snap any photos. Sad smile

A quick trip to Trader Joe’s netted me a bunch of goodies, and then I met up with Danielle for happy hour at Kona Grill where I had a couple of glasses of cabernet and a spicy tuna roll—hellagood deal at $13!  Of course I was still hungry, so I said goodbye to Danielle and hit up the Whole Foods salad bar for dinner!  You can’t go wrong with their salad bar—everything is so so good.  It’d better be!  It costs a frickin’ fortune!


I slept late this morning and then made myself some Sunday Oats!  Lazy weekend mornings rock my world!


So, I mentioned before that I am planning on running a half marathon at the beginning of June.  I really really want to do this race, but I really really didn’t want to do an 8 mile training run today.  It was pretty hot and humid this afternoon, and I was already feeling sluggish, so a run just didn’t appeal.  I sucked it up and got out there anyway.  It was NOT fun.  Not fun at all.  It’s allergy season here and all the gunk in the air combined with my asthma made the going pretty tough.  I slogged through about 8.5 miles in 1:26.  Notes to self: run earlier in the day.  Get inhaler refilled.

God-awful run complete, I came home ready to chew my own arm off!  Since I was antsy to use some of my loot from TJ’s, I put together, what else, a super fast panini!

Chicken Eggplant Garlic Panini

1 chicken tender, cooked and shredded

2 T. Trader Joe’s Eggplant Garlic Spread

1 slice gouda cheese (because gouda is so good-ah! sorry, can’t help myself!)

2 leaves fresh basil

1 ciabatta roll with the insides removed to make room for the filling

I picked up this spread yesterday and had about 40 ideas of what to do with it before it was even in my cart!


Eggplant, garlic, and peppers blended into a creamy spread.  Yes, please!


I had to sample it, naturally.  It doesn’t look like much, but I can attest to the fact that it is *highly* addictive.  Proceed with caution!

Onto the recipe then, shall we?

Combine the spread and the chicken and layer it into the bottom of your roll.


Layer a slice of gouda on top.


I love me some gouda!  It’s a great melter on paninis and pizzas, but also makes an excellent snacking cheese with a little vino.  And when you eat it, you get to say “Gouda is so good-ah!!!”  I’m so annoying.


Top the cheese with basil and put a hat on the whole thing.


Onto a cooking spray-coated Griddler for about 5 minutes and presto!


I know I say this all the time, but I could eat a panini off of my Griddler every single day!  I love this thing!  And this one is a winner for sure.

Check out the close up!


Fresh basil is killer on this!  It really brightens up the flavors.  The Eggplant and Garlic spread was a great match for the shredded chicken, with perfectly melty gouda holding the whole thing together.


I would like another one.  Now.  I might actually do that.  Hmmmm . . .

I did have some dessert, too, though!


The bunny came early to my house! Open-mouthed smile

Hope your weekend has been a fun one!


4 thoughts on “Weekend Recap

  1. Hey Melissa!

    I love paninis and gouda is exactly what I would have chosen! 🙂
    It’s so exciting that you’re training for a half! which one are you running? I am running my first on May 1st and then another June 12th. I kinda wish it was hot here, it’s still pretty chilly here in the Windy City!

    Have a great Easter!

    • Hi Jenny!

      It’s the Decker’s Creek Half in WV. Supposedly, the course is on packed gravel and it’s slightly downhill the whole way. I’m looking forward to it! I think it will be a totally different racing experience than any other I’ve had!

      Hang in there with your weather! I feel like summer in Chicago is SO worth the wait. It’s gorgeous there!

      Hope you enjoy your holiday, too! 😀

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