Happy Easter!

Happy Happy Easter to you if you are celebrating today! Smile

I’m excited to start a new tradition this year—Easter with my little Richmond family!

Chilis 002

I’m meeting Bryce and Danielle for Easter mass, and then we’re planning on a little celebration at their place later on.  Here’s to new traditions!

And old ones, too . . .


Yep, Mama sent me an Easter Basket!  But this isn’t just any basket—it’s the same basket I’ve gotten my Easter goodies in every year since I was a kid!  The tag has been attached for years.  Talk about standing the test of time!


When I was little, our Easter baskets were always hidden in the toughest spots!  And they got harder and harder to find as the years went on . . . When it comes to the whole hunting thing, I’m not very patient and easily frustrated.  Let’s just say there were many years when I nearly gave up the hunt!  I enjoy the gift part, put I don’t wanna work for it! Winking smile

We would also have an egg hunt among all the kids, but that one I would participate in!  Why the difference?  Because my parents put different amounts of money in the plastic eggs!  I’m down for hunting when there’s cash on the line!  It actually got to be pretty cutthroat from time to time!  With 5 kids on the hunt, I guess that’s not too hard to believe!

Mom filled my Easter basket this year with all of my favorites, including a special Barbie!


I can’t wait to take her out and play with her!  I seriously probably will.  I love Barbie! 

And this one has a special feature . . .


I have no idea why this seems dirty to me.  Not very Easter-ly of me to have my mind in the gutter!  Oops! Embarrassed smile

I also got my very own plastic egg in my basket since I can’t be there for the hunt. 


It’s the little pink bunny.  We’ve had these bunny-shaped eggs for years; they were the coveted “big money eggs” in our hunt!  This one is all mine now!  Muahahahahaha!!!

Mom clearly knows her stuff when it comes to my Easter favorites!


Cadbury Cream Eggs?  Check!

Reese’s Eggs?  Check!


Cadbury Caramel Eggs?  You bet!


Peeps?  Jellybeans?  Extra chocolate (because you can never have enough chocolate!)? Check, check, and check!


Of course I held off eating any of the candy until today so I could celebrate properly. 

Who am I kidding?  We all know that would never happen!


This little guy’s cream was oozing out the top!  Just as good as I remembered!


Hard to go wrong with a Reese’s Egg!  If I melt one of these into my oatmeal, that’s a totally acceptable breakfast, right? 

Wishing you a happy day wherever you are and whatever you’re doing!



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