New Traditions

Happy Easter, my dears!  I hope you have had a wonderful day, whether you are celebrating or not!

It’s always tough to be away from family on a holiday, but my Richmond friends and I made our own new traditions today!

First, we donned our Sunday best and met up at church for mass.

Easter! 001

The girls!

Easter! 002

At 85* and breezy, we couldn’t have asked for a nicer day.  We decided to take full advantage and dye eggs on the deck!

Easter! 008

Grown up Easter is a lot of fun!  For instance, when you dye eggs, you can also have wine . . .

Easter! 010

And some 90s style Vanilla Ice!

Easter! 012

Easter! 016Easter! 017

C’mon—you know you always wanted to make an Ice Ice Baby egg! Open-mouthed smile

Easter! 011Easter! 013Easter! 015Easter! 021

My personal favorite, a special decoration for my cracked egg. Winking smile

Easter! 014

Here’s to the new tradition of decorating eggs on the deck!


Danielle also made Easter baskets for each of us!

Easter! 006

Complete with a gazillion Clif Bars in mine!  YESSSS!!!

Then, we cooked up a feast!

Beer can chicken . . .

Easter! 003Easter! 020

Easter! 027Easter! 036

Team effort!  We stuffed it with (what else?) beer, rosemary, and garlic and grilled it for an hour.  So moist!  YUM!

Easter! 034

On the side . . .

Green beans and mushrooms with garlic and almonds . . .

Easter! 035

Grilled garlic bread with olive oil and parmesan for dipping . . .

Easter! 038

And a simple salad with tomatoes, onions, and blue cheese.

Easter! 037

My plate (X2 . . . or 3 . . . Open-mouthed smile)

Easter! 040

Cheers to Jesus!  (We are so inappropriate . . . )

Easter! 007

For dessert, I whipped up some simple Lemon Raspberry Tarts—super easy and decently healthy!  Winning!

Easter! 041Easter! 042Easter! 043

Don’t worry, I’ll share the recipe soon! Smile

And just because it’s Easter, I had to have a zillion few jellybeans on the side!

Easter! 051

Look at this little cutie I found!

Easter! 052

Baby bean!

Fun (???) fact: I hate grape flavored anything.

Easter! 050

They’re my jellybeans, and I’ll sort them if I want to!!!

Quite possibly the highlight of the day, though, was this homeboy chocolate bunny that Bryce got for me!

Easter! 033

Da’ bunny!  Word to your mother.  Yo.

Just want you to know, I think you’re a . . .

Easter! 023

Hope you had a . . .

Easter! 022

Open-mouthed smile


10 thoughts on “New Traditions

  1. Renee Byard says:

    I wish I could have been there~ That was WAY more fun! 1st year I haven’t had mimosa’s on Easter morning in FOREVER! Cheers to Jesus, fo sho homeboy~ 🙂

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