Pike Place Market

Last but not least in my Seattle recaps, it’s Pike Place Market!!!

Seattle 4 002

The Market at Pike’s Place first opened in 1907 as a result of public unhappiness with the increase in the cost of produce.  A city councilman invited farmers to haul their carts into the city to cut out the middle man and bring their fresh offerings directly to consumers.

Seattle 4 009

By 11 AM on that first day, they were completely sold out.  Since then, the market has been the premier destination for local foodies and tourists alike, with hundreds of purveyors lining the marketplace daily.

Seattle 4 011

The produce is stunning.  The flowers, gorgeous.  The fresh seafood, unparalleled.  It is truly an incredible place to be!

The first thing we saw as we entered the market was the place where they throw the fish!  I was beyond excited!

Seattle 4 003

The guys behind the counter were super friendly, even to little old tourist me! Winking smile

Seattle 4 004

And we even got to see them throw a fish!  I wasn’t quick enough on the draw with my camera because it was quick, and honestly, a little anti-climactic, but it sure was fun!

Apparently, this tradition was created entirely out of laziness.  When a customer ordered a fish from the outer counter (in the first fish pic above), the employees behind the counter got tired of having to go out and around to retrieve the fish every time.  So they just stationed someone out there, and now, whenever someone orders a fish, they do a little chant and toss the fish to they guys behind the counter.  It was really fun to see such a famous tradition come to life!

Seattle 4 005Seattle 4 006

I obsessed over the gorgeous seafood for several minutes, before moving on to the stunning flower displays!

Seattle 4 007Seattle 4 008

Every single bouquet was stunning!  Full of tulips and daffodils, the seasonal flowers were out in force!

Seattle 4 010 (2)Seattle 4 042

If I hadn’t had to get on a plane, these babies would be mine!

Seattle 4 010

At least I can admire their memory! Smile

As we strolled along, there was plenty more seafood to see.

Seattle 4 019

Don’t these crabs look like they’re waving at you???

And check out these insanely jumbo shrimp!  Oxymoron say whaaaa???

Seattle 4 020Seattle 4 021

While you’re at it, don’t forget to pick up some bacon sausage!

Seattle 4 017Seattle 4 018

(That’s special for you, Dad!) Smile

We also passed an absolutely beautiful produce stand with a friendly purveyor!

Seattle 4 013

Couldn’t you just eat the entire display???

Seattle 4 012Seattle 4 014

We sampled a few of the Muscat grapes pictured above—the same grapes they use for Muscado wine!—and they tasted just like wine!  Perfectly sweet and juicy!

The purveyor also gave us a little produce lesson about these guys!

Seattle 4 015

Whimsical, right?  They’re fiddlehead ferns and you can only find them in the springtime.  A cousin of asparagus, he explained that their flavor is a bit stronger.  People tend to love them or hate them, but regardless, they sure do look pretty!

Seattle 4 016

I was also mildly taken with the selection of cherry tomatoes!  Mini-anything I tell ya!  Gets me every time!

Next up, we encountered an amazing fresh pasta stand.

Seattle 4 022

Honestly, I have never seen so many flavor and shape varieties!

Seattle 4 023

They even had a chocolate linguine.  Even uncooked, it was incredible!  With a little butter, powdered sugar, and whipped cream, I’m sure it could rival any dessert around!

We also sampled their fab collection of oils and vinegars.

Seattle 4 024

I sampled nearly every single one, selecting the blackberry balsamic pictured above.  I nearly purchased it before realizing that it exceeded the 3 oz. restriction at the airport, and I wouldn’t be able to carry it back with me.  Sad smile

All of their vinegars were delicious, though.  They were so thick and syrupy, you wouldn’t even need to reduce them for a balsamic drizzle!  Locals—get some and enjoy it for me, will you pretty please???

After lots of strolling (and eating!), we headed out, but not before spying this pretty plum!

Seattle 4 044

Isn’t she lovely?  It’s a red-hearted plum!  Love it!

Seattle 4 045

Not to be outdone by their next-door neighbors, though!

Seattle 4 046

In case you can’t see the sign, it does say “Big A$$ Grapes!”  And they were!  The picture isn’t doing them justice, but they were HA-uge!!!

Pike Place definitely lives up to all the hype!  It was such a fun foodie day to explore and see the offerings of the local farmers in Seattle.

Seattle 4 025

In case you missed it, on my trip to Pike Place Market, I also . . .

Visited the first Starbucks

Seattle 4 032

Had a culinary experience with Piroshky Piroshky

Seattle 4 037

And housed some chow-dah!

Seattle 4 056

Seattle is a such a fun city!  If you haven’t been, I sure do hope you make it there someday! Open-mouthed smile


7 thoughts on “Pike Place Market

  1. What an amazing photoblog! I have never been to Seattle but have always heard of PikesPlace Market and of course seen the flying fish on TV. Soo neat! I feel like I experienced it through your lovely pictures!

    I have seen fiddlehead ferns but never tried them, hopefully when the farmer’s market open up here I can find some.

    Thanks so much for sharing Melissa! 🙂

    • Thanks, Jenny! You are always so sweet! I’m glad you liked the pictures–I didn’t feel like I did it justice!
      Keep an eye out for those fiddlehead ferns–I would think you could find them in the Midwest with all the farmland there! 🙂

  2. I have always wanted to visit Seattle! Pike Place Market sounds SOO cool! I love the way you described everything and all of the pictures are so colorful and lively!

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