Dollar Store with Dr. Oz

Any Dr. Oz fans in the house?  Just recently, I’ve found Dr. Oz on my TV pretty regularly.  He comes on after Ellen, and his show actually has a lot of really cool tips about wellness and healthy living.  Last week, he had on a segment that particularly appealed to me: Dollar Store Products with Anti-Aging Properties.

Dr. Oz says things like, “Anti-Aging Properties.”  It sounds all science-y and official, which I secretly love.  But I know that it really means that what he’s about to say will prevent me from looking old and busted if I follow his advice.

Thanks, Dr. Oz, for using buzz words like, “Anti-Aging Properties.”  They perk up my ears! Open-mouthed smile

I especially liked this segment because in addition to avoiding the old and busted-ness, I am cheap.  Yep, I like to save my pennies.  Dollar Store bargains are where it’s at!

Dr. Oz’s first recommendation is for the epidermis, ie. the top layer of skin that can get all dull and make you look like you need a week on a beach somewhere.  To exfoliate, pumpkin and a scrubby mitt!


This one presents a challenge for me because if I can find a can of pumpkin right now, I am most likely going to consume it, not rub it on my face.  However, I love that this a). costs $2 total and b). is clearly 100% natural.  A lot of facial scrubs seem to have weird stuff in them.  I knowwhat’s in canned pumpkin: canned pumpkin.  ‘Nuf said.

To boost collagen (the stuff that makes your skin plump and supple and unlined!), find a moisturizer that contains Vitamin C and Ascorbic Acid Moisturizer.  This is the same stuff that’s in Oil of Olay’s Complete Moisturizer.  It is rumored that you may even hit the jackpot and find the name brand version at the dollar store from time to time!  My luck isn’t great, so this probably won’t happen to me, but congrats if it happens to you!  When used daily, it prevents the breakdown of collagen and keeps you looking young.  I like that! Smile


Confession: I kind of forget about my lips, not just when it comes to aging, but always.  I like lipstick and lipgloss, but I typically swipe on Chapstick and call it a day.  This tip actually has anti-aging properties, plus it makes you look pretty!  Find a lip plumping gloss that contains tribehenne.  It restores volume and traps in fluid to plump up your pout.  It also seems to me that your lips tend to lose color as you age, so even just wearing a lipstick or gloss could help you look younger, too!

fusion-beauty-lipfusion-color-shine $RM4TH8H

I don’t know about you, but I have an expressive face.  I tend to find myself smirking or frowning or arching my eyebrows with pretty much everything I do.  Sometimes, when I catch myself, I try to press the lines away, but I’m fairly confident that doesn’t do much! Winking smile

To actually relax the lines away, use a warm, not hot Ginseng Tea compress.  All you do is put the bags into warm water, press the excess out, and lay them onto your lined areas.

thumb-Dynasty Ginseng.gif

Pretty decent tips if you ask me!  And for a total investment of $5, I can afford to give them a try!

What are your favorite Dollar Store beauty products?


9 thoughts on “Dollar Store with Dr. Oz

  1. Ha, this is awesome! I never thought of pumpkin.

    My grandmother and I used to do “eggwhite facials” – yes, its as gross as it sounds, but its amazing!

    You just take eggwhites, paint them on your face with a pastry brush, and let it dry… it tightens up your skin and when you wash it off, your face feels so smooth! 🙂

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