I Rallied

As I said yesterday, I am not a good sick person. 

I tried to shop online, but couldn’t find anything I liked in my size.  {Why does this always happen when you want to shop???}

I tried to think of a recipe to make with my new pizza stone, but nothing appealed. {I hate what happens to my appetite when I’m sick.}

I tried to make myself just rest and relax and watch TV.  {There’s no way that was going to last for any measureable amount of time.}

When I am sick, it also seems to exacerbate the fact that I am alone.  Typically, I’m ok with being on my own, but when I’m not feeling good and there’s no one to bring me tea, or tuck a blanket around me, or keep me company while I watch my 8th DVR’ed episode of Gilmore Girls, I get lonely.  And then I get sad.  And then I get annoyed at myself because the only thing that has really changed in this scenario is the fact that I am sick, and I am no more alone than I was before I’m just noticing it more now, and I really need to suck it up.

So I did. 

I did suck it up.

And I rallied.

And I took my still mildly under the weather self to the Legwarmers! Open-mouthed smile


My co-workers had already gotten me a ticket, and the very act of showering didn’t cause me to fall faint, so I rallied in the name of self-preservation.  While there were a few minutes that were touch and go (ie., Oh my God, what was I thinking I’m pretty sure I’m going to pass out from the heat and the noise and the drunkenness up in here!), overall it was so much fun! 

Plus, I’m game for pretty much anything that gives me an excuse to dress up, and getting all 80’s-ed out definitely fits that bill!

Legwarmers 003

I have been waiting for the perfect event to wear this sequined, shoulder padded number to!  I knew I kept it for a reason!  Smile

Legwarmers 004

Damn, I really wanted to get my crowd-surf on! Winking smile

The majority of people were rockin’ the 80s fashion, and it was some of the best people watching I have done in quite some time!  Lots of leotards, mullets, leggings, and neon makes for excellent observation! 

My friend Brooke’s husband even found a twin!

Legwarmers 006

This is your classic, “Pretend you’re taking a picture of me, but really take a picture of the nonsense that is going on in the background” photo.  I love how they even have the same expression!  Nice!

The Legwarmers were phenomenal—great 80s covers!—but my favorite part of the show was the backup dancer, rocking his cutoff jean shorts and Hawaiian shirt.

Legwarmers 010

Look how much more fun this is than sitting on the couch and feeling sorry for yourself!

Legwarmers 008

Self portrait failure

Legwarmers 012

I may be the only sober person in this photo (I wanted to be out, but couldn’t handle the alcohol portion of the evening).  In the defense of my friends, it was during Total Eclipse of the Heart which requires a lot of concentration for the dramatic performance involved.

The highlight of my night occurred close to the end.  I was standing off to the side trying to be a good sport and finish out the night when I really wanted to be home in my bed.  A mulleted, cut-off jean shorts clad young man in a too-tight tank top approached. 

I likesh yer dressshhh. 

Hot.  As you can imagine, I immediately went home with him.  Open-mouthed smile


Or should I say, NOT!  Was that 80s?  I’m thinking maybe more early 90s???  Aaaannnyywaaaaaaaaaay.

I’m glad I sucked it up and made myself get out of the house.  I’m actually feeling a bit better today, so I’m planning to get a nice, slow run in.  I haven’t run since Tuesday because of my throat situation, so it’s time to ease back into it.  The weather is supposed to be much milder, so it shouldn’t be too painful. 

Hope you have yourself a nice little Saturday!


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