May Motivation

Hey kids!  How’s Sunday treating you?

I woke up a little late today, so I had to be speedy on my run to get ready for church in time.  Actually, maybe it was more like I had to get ready fast because I squeezed in a run beforehand!

Either way . . . Winking smile

After church, I made a quick trip to Trader Joe’s to pick up some supplies for tonight’s pizza dinner!  Yep, I’m breaking out the new pizza stone!  Pretty pumped about it, actually.  What can I say, I am easily amused!

I also picked up a bag of veggie flavored flax seed chips, which I immediately busted into as soon as I got in the car.


Don’t judge.  You know you’ve done it, too.  Open-mouthed smile

As I was running this morning, I realized that I have somehow gotten to a point in my running that I don’t feel I can “count” my runs unless I do at least 4, but preferably 5 miles.  This is completely ridiculous, of course, but somehow, this has become the norm in my mind.

I mean, I ran 10 miles yesterday!  I know this is a great accomplishment and a serious workout.  I know a lot of people couldn’t do the same thing, but somehow I’ve diminished it in my mind.  I have no idea what in the world got me to this point, but I don’t know if I like it.  Given the fact that I could barely run 5-6 miles straight at this time last year, I think I need to give myself more credit!  I’ve never been all that great at recognizing my own accomplishments, so I think I’m going to make it a new goal of mine to recognize my own achievements.  I’m not talking about congratulating myself for every single thing I do.  Can you imagine?

You read all the blogs in your google reader!  Hooray!

You ate 5 cookies!  Nice work!

You put on your sweats!  Woot woot!

Dear God.  No, that’s not the idea.  But if I complete a killer workout, I’m going to give myself permission to feel proud about it.  If I do something well at work, I’m going to take credit.  If I make a really good dinner, I’m going to go ahead and call myself a good cook.  Why not, right?

In this same goal-setting vain, I have a few other goals in mind for May.

1. Give myself credit for the things I accomplish.

2. Eat at least 2 big salads each week.

  • Now that the weather is warmer and the produce is better, I have been craving salads like mad!  Can’t wait for this one!

3.  Participate in the 100 miles in May Challenge!

  • This is Amanda’s challenge over at Small Home Big Start.  The idea is to move 100 miles in total through the course of the month.  Run, walk, elliptical, jog, skate, etc.!  I got a great start with today’s run!  Only 95 miles to go! Open-mouthed smile
  • Anyone can join, so you should, too!  Just sayin’!  Email Amanda at smallhomebigstart at gmail dot com if you want to participate!

Last night, I got the baking bug, so I whipped up a smallish version of Coconut Blondies!  Good thing this only makes a small pan, because these were in.cred.i.ble!!!  I limited myself to a reasonable portion, but I didn’t feel like I needed to eat the whole pan.  They were fabulous, but somehow I managed to have some self control.  Go me!  (See, I’m kicking butt with this new goal already! Smile)

Oh, did you want that recipe?

{You did.  Even if you didn’t know it.}

Coconut Chocolate Blondies

For more than 1 but less than a crowd (about 6 2” square blondies)

Preheat oven to 350*.  Spray a small casserole dish (mine is 6 1/2” X 4 1/2”) with non-stick spray & set aside.

Whisk 1/2 cup brown sugar into 1/4 cup melted cooled butter.  Add in 1/4 tsp. vanilla and 1/2 a beaten egg.

How the heck do you do that, right?  Just beat the egg in a small bowl, then use about 2 T. of the beaten (or half of it) in your recipe.  You can discard the rest or use it in another halved recipe.

Carefully mix in 1/2 cup flour until fully incorporated.  Then, add in 1/2 cup each of chocolate chips and shredded coconut.

Bake for 25-30 minutes.  I baked mine for just under 25, but I am weird and like my baked goods undercooked.  So if you want them less gooey and more cooked through, go closer to 30.

Kale Chips & Coconut Blondies 005



Check out the gooey-ness!

Kale Chips & Coconut Blondies 007

These are very chocolatey, which is 100% ok by me, but you could definitely cut the chocolate back to 1/4 cup of chips if you don’t want it to be quite so chocolatey.  We might not be able to be friends anymore, but I will respect your chocolate preference.  Smile

My hunger returned with a vengeance today, so I have definitely been sneaking bites from the pan all afternoon!

Last night,  I did have a successful dinner, though!  Look what turned out!

Kale Chips & Coconut Blondies 003

Yep, I turned my Kale Fail into Kale Success!  I followed the same method I did last week, but I only cooked these for 11 minutes.  They were so tasty!  I’m glad I tried again because I am a bonafide Kale Chip fan now! Open-mouthed smile

Off to lounge for a bit before starting on that pizza for dinner!!!  {Seriously, can’t wait to make it!}

In the meantime, tell me . . .

Who else is feeling some May Motivation???  What are your goals?


4 thoughts on “May Motivation

  1. Those choc coconut blondies look AMAZING. That is so something I could not control myself if I were in the room with it. I would take advantage of that dish like it were a hot man and I just got out of jail.
    Goals: Lose 10lbs this month. And strength train more. Doing good (or at least heading in the right direction) on both of those. So far at least. 🙂

  2. LOL! You never fail to make me laugh!!

    From the looks of your workout yesterday, you already have a phenomenal start on both of those! You are going to kick those goals in the pants! 😀

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