Yoga for Runners

Good Tuesday morning to you!  This morning, I was thinking maybe we’d talk about yoga.  Whaddya think???

Me?  Well, I have a hard time with yoga.

Scratch that.  I have a hard time with stretching, in general.  And yoga?  It’s essentially stretching, no?

I know I get tons of great toning benefits from it, but I really like to do yoga most to stretch out after I run.  I’m not patient enough to sit down and make myself stretch, but if I put on a yoga video, it makes it a little bit easier.  There’s nothing like a down dog to stretch out your tiiiiiight hamstrings or a pigeon to open up off-kilter hips.

While any yoga practice will help your running, I love’s yoga classes.  Just download them to your computer, and you’ve got a yoga class at the ready anytime, anywhere!  You can even put them on your ipod!


Best of all, you can download a 20 minute version of most of their classes for free!!!  Wheeeeee!!!!

You can choose from both audio and video versions of many of the classes.  If there’s not a video version, a pose guide is provided so you have a visual reference (which I totally need!) during your practice.


There are 2 that I go back to again and again that really help me to stretch out after my runs.  The first is Yoga for Runners.


Even though it says it’s 20 minutes, the class actually runs closer to 25.  Dawnelle is a great instructor—intense, but not overly so.  This is a great workout for strength and balance, too.  Speaking as one of the most accident prone (read: poorly balanced!) people on the planet, I can definitely attest to the fact that this class helps to even me out.  Good stuff.

Second, I love the Hip Opening Flow.


This one is $1.99 to download, but for a couple of bucks, it’s definitely worth it!  I also really like Lisa as an instructor.  Especially since her workout features what I consider to be some serious yoga life-savers!


The pigeon poses have literally saved my hips!  They get so tight when I do longer runs, and pigeons hurt so good!  This is absolutely worth the price of admission.  If you have sore hips at all—from running or otherwise—you need to be doing these poses!

Anyone else out there use yoga for running?  What are your favorite poses?


6 thoughts on “Yoga for Runners

  1. I really hate to admit it, but my workouts and cardio (ESPECIALLY running and sprints) is much more comfortable and pain free when I’m being consitant with stretching and yoga. I was always anti yoga but really, it’s amazing!

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