My Drunk Kitchen

Friends, I have something absolutely fabulous to share with you this morning.

Last week via on twitter, I was introduced to the hilarious antics of Hannah Hart, who cleverly cooks while drinking and films it all for your at-home enjoyment.

I haven’t laughed this hard in quite some time.

Warning: This is NSFW (not safe for work!).  Hannah has a little bit of a potty mouth, which makes My Drunk Kitchen all that much better.  Behold:

She also gives excellent advice.  Among my favorites:

If you’ve been drinking, you should be, also, dancing.


Maybe you shoulda . . . gotten a burrito.


Don’t f***in’ hurt yourself.

Step 5: Don’t forget that you’re cooking.

I don’t actually have any cheese.

This is good . . . but ultimately, disappointing.

Put sh** away while you go.

Are you dying???  When an online video can make me laugh out loud, it’ll keep me coming back for sure!

She only has a few videos up now, but I have a feeling this is going to explode into a full-blown series.

Be sure to check her out on twitter . . .


And facebook, too!



Happy Hump Day!


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