Nacho Ordinary Salad

Happy Cinco de Mayo!!!

I whipped up a fast and rather festive dinner this evening, but before I get to that, let’s talk running for a moment, shall we?

Tonight, I talked to my friend, Steph, whom I have known since the first grade and who eats marathons for breakfast.  Seriously.  I lost count of how many marathons she’s run, but she knows her stuff when it comes to training.  She’s also crazy fast.  Her marathon PR is something like 3:15!!!  I don’t think I could run even one mile at that pace! 

We got to talking about the training plan I am using for my upcoming half, and she suggested doing 2-13 mile runs the next 2 weekends, a 14 mile run 2 weeks before the race, and a 10 mile run the weekend before.  I feel a little less intimidated by this, so I think I’ll give it a shot.  I also want to incorporate some extra strength training and stretching into my plan, so I’m going to play around and tweak it a bit so it fits my needs.  I’m still a little nervous about the whole thing, but I’m more comfortable with this outlook, so I’m going with it.

That being said, I did a 7 mile tempo run this afternoon on the treadmill while trying not to cry at Oprah’s Harpo Hookups show.  A teacher wrote in about some of her students, and Oprah gave them prom dresses and had Jessica Simpson come in and style them and they all got scholarships and free spring wardrobes . . . I was practically blubbering like an idiot.  Yep, just chugging along on the treadmill with tears in my eyes! 


Damn you, Oprah. 

The run, on the other hand, was fantastic!  I felt so great!  I warmed up at 10 minute pace for a mile, then upped the speed to 9:05 pace for 5 miles, and cooled down with another mile at 10 minute pace.  I didn’t expect to feel so good since I was a little, um, dehydrated Winking smile from the wine I had last night.  But apparently it worked in my favor.  I definitely could have kept going!  Go me!

I have also decided that I must must must make myself stretch during this training, so I came home and did some yoga stretches for about 10 minutes.  It hurt so good, ya know? 

After all that running and stretching, I was ready for my own little Cinco de Mayo Party of One! Open-mouthed smile

In keeping with my pledge to make at least 2 salads each week this month, I went for a Mexican themed concocotion!

Nacho-Ordinary Salad

Inspired by this recipe.

Ingredients—use what you need for however many salads you’d like to make.  I just eyeballed everything here.

Romaine lettuce

Chicken breast—seasoned with cumin, chili powder, and garlic salt and grilled

Tortilla chips

Black Bean and Corn Salsa (or whatever salsa you like)

Shredded Mexican or Taco Cheese

Cherry tomatoes

Hot sauce (optional)

More salsa Smile

Lemon juice, Garlic Gold Olive Oil, garlic salt—to dress the salad

I have to tell you that I am a total dork and giggle to myself anytime I am presented with nachos.  I always think of the terrible joke . . .

You can’t have any of those!

Why not???

‘Cuz they’re not-yos!

Bahahahaha!  Every time, I tell ya.  Every time.  So I’m a cheeseball.  I’m owning it!

So, to the salad . . . .

I call it Nacho-Ordinary Salad because it really surprised me that it came out so well!  You know how you kind of get an idea in your head, and it sounds good in theory, but then sometimes it just doesn’t quite work out???  That didn’t happen today.  This salad is a party in and of itself!

I started by using the method from Drizzle and Dip in the above recipe.  Basically, you heat up the chips in the microwave, which is supposed to make them crispier, but I’m not sure it did anything extra for my chips . . .

Nacho Salad 001

BTW, I used the Trader Joe’s Veggie and Flaxseed Tortilla Chips that I busted into on the drive home the other day. 


Even by themselves, these guys are incredibly flavorful!  With flavors like Spinach and Garlic, Red Beet and Onion, and Carrot and Tomato, you can imagine!  I topped them with Trader Joe’s Black Bean and Corn Salsa and a little Mexican cheese blend and baked them at 375* for about 8 minutes.

Nacho Salad 002Nacho Salad 003

While the chips cooked up, I drizzled my romaine with lemon juice and Garlic Gold oil, then seasoned it with garlic salt and pepper.  So simple, but SO good!  I also shredded up the chicken breast and mixed it with Black Bean and Corn Salsa, Medium Tomato Salsa, some hot sauce (cuz I like it spicy!), and a little garlic salt.  By the time I was done, my nachos were ready!

Nacho Salad 005Nacho Salad 006

Hello, lovers!  Making nachos in the oven is the only way to go!  How good are they when they get just a little browned on the edges????  YUM!

With the chips on the bottom and a bed of lettuce and chicken on top, this baby was ready in a snap!

Nacho Salad 009

Flavor explosion, I tell ya!  I was definitely dancing and humming while eating this salad!  I try to limit this behavior to the comfort of my own home, but it has been known to happen in public.  You’ve been warned! Rolling on the floor laughing

But, I mean . . . wouldn’t you sing and dance at this???

Nacho Salad 010

The combination of crunchy from the chips and lettuce with the creamy beans and cheese, plus hearty chicken—so much going on here!!!

Nacho Salad 013


Nacho Salad 011


Nacho Salad 012


Nacho Salad 004

In case you aren’t yet convinced of my goofy-ness, I also had to top the nachos with lettuce and chicken because I like to make towers out of my food!

Nacho Salad 014

A most excellent fiesta, indeed!  So make it, will ya?  Because any night is a good night for Mexican, no? 

Do you eat themed meals for holidays like St. Patty’s Day or Cinco de Mayo? 

I love to make a themed menu!  Any excuse to be festive! Open-mouthed smile


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