There Goes the Neighborhood

Check out the hotness that my new neighbor has attached to his pickup truck.


Honestly, I’m really offended by this.  Can I say something or does that make me the uptight neighbor chick?


9 thoughts on “There Goes the Neighborhood

  1. Renee byard says:

    Danielle and I say……cut off the nipples, apply a mini Weiner, and voila, a whole new thought process……lol

  2. I would just take a pair of pliers and cut them off! Yes, cut off his balls. I think in this case it’s necessary! lol
    (And really, those are so gross. What is this person thinking? It’s just…ugh!)

  3. mylegs says:

    Unfortunately, someone with such high quality tastes, may just start doing more obnoxious things if you complain. Not sure that they would respond with ‘oh, good point’. :/

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