Endorphin Excitement

Good morning!  Er, afternoon!  Geez, I can’t believe it’s already the middle of the day!  But I shouldn’t be surprised—because I already ran 13 miles today!  Woohoo!!!!  I’m on a serious endorphin high right now! 


I was feeling a little nervous about how my run would go this morning since my longest training run thus far had only been 10 miles.  Fortunately, it was fantastic!  I felt pretty amazing the whole time; my knees held up, I was able to breathe, and temps in the low 60s made for perfect running weather. 

Just like last week, I dropped off my Gatorade at a central point so I could have it at miles 4 and 8, but around mile 7, I was suddenly starving!  Random, much?  Usually running kills my appetite, so that was a new one!  Guess I need to bring a Gu along next week!  Any flavor suggestions?  I’m not usually big on Gu’s . . .


I rocked out to a pretty random playlist on this run, which was great because if I get bored, then I think too much.  And if I think too much, I get a little sick of myself.  Being inside of my neurotic head while it’s churning out nonsense for 2 hours is no fun!  Winking smile

During the last 2 miles, I realized I was having a serious endorphin rush.  I’m pretty sure I was running down the trail with a giant, ridiculous grin on my face, but I didn’t even care about the strange looks I got.  It just made me feel so strong and so proud that I could do this!  I felt so great that I wanted to keep going!  I can safely say that’s never happened before!  Which prompted me to post this on my personal Facebook page:


Yep, I’m in love!  Red heart

I suppose there are worse things to be addicted to, right?  Now, I just have to find the right balance so I don’t overtrain or end up hurting myself because I didn’t stretch enough.  Still riding that endorphin wave, though, so I think I can keep myself in check! Open-mouthed smile

I had every intention of making a ginormous green monster when I got home, but after my shower, I was feeling a savory breakfast.  Enter bacon and eggs with a bagel! 

Running Breakfast 001

This really hit the spot! 

Chewy whole wheat bagel?  Check! 

Running Breakfast 002

Salty, crunchy peppered bacon?  Check!

Running Breakfast 003

Dippy, luscious egg?  Check!

Running Breakfast 008

I have been a huge fan of dippy eggs my whole life!  Is there anything better???

Running Breakfast 007

When I dip you dip we dip!

Running Breakfast 012

As is my habit, I made a tower with my food—I want to taste everything!  I can’t choose! 

Running Breakfast 010

I think I could eat another one of these breakfasts!  Typically, long runs kill my appetite, but this was pretty darn tasty!

It’s a gorgeous day here today, so I’m thinking a little pool time is in order!  Later on, my friend Claire is coming down from Charlottesville so we can have a fun girls’ night out on the town!  I’m excited! 

What’s on your agenda this weekend?

**Also, I just want to say thank you to all of you who weighed in on my posts yesterday—one very lighthearted and the other one less so.  I truly appreciate your suggestions and support!


5 thoughts on “Endorphin Excitement

  1. Congrats on the miles you did this morning! I can’t give much advice. I walk a lot, but don’t run. Drippy eggs are a weird concept to me. My parents never let me eat them growing up, and now I can’t stand the thought of doing that to myself…I can understand why people would like them though:)

  2. Congratulations on your run! Runner highs are the absolute best. As far as Gu’s go – I like the strawberry-banana & pineapple (it has caffeine in it). Also – the Gu chomps are pretty decent too – I used the watermelon ones during my half marathon last week.

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