My Mama

This is the woman who loved me from day one . . .

My Mom 008

who still buys me Barbies because I will always be her little girl . . .


and who will always let me sit on her lap.

2010 013

My Mom 006

(even if I am a grown woman).

This is the woman with the softest hands I’ve ever felt . . .

My Mom 012

who texts me baby pictures of myself on my birthday . . .

IMG950340 (2)

. . . and writes me letters about how proud I’ve made her . . .

My Mom 007

. . . and sends a box full of goodies so that I can have a Mom-approved birthday celebration.

birthdaybirthday 2

This is the woman who attended every single one of my races in high school—and took the pictures to prove it!

My Mom 002

My Mom 003My Mom 004

This is the woman who taught me the vital importance of teasing my bangs and eating dessert (but not in that order) . . .

My Mom 013

not to mention the healing power of a glass of wine! Open-mouthed smile

blog 038

This is the woman who, even now, still knows how to deal with me best when I’m feeling like this . . .

My Mom 010

and who sounds genuinely happy to hear from me every time I call.

My Mom 005

This is the woman who has shown me that I can be anything I want, at any time I want, if I am brave enough to pursue my dreams.

blog 003

Thank you for believing in me, Mom, even when I didn’t believe in myself

For countless hours spent shopping for prom dresses and learning to French braid my hair

For dealing with dishes of frozen shampoo in your freezer when I was trying to “make” soap

For letting me cry and making me laugh

For my chin and my voice and my love of writing

For always making my bed on my birthday and for surprising me on my 16th

For teaching me about life and about love and about never giving up

For everything. 

You are the bestest mama in the whole wide world!  I couldn’t love anyone more!  Happy Mother’s Day!


8 thoughts on “My Mama

  1. Hey! Thanks for commenting on my guest post so I could come check out your blog! 🙂

    This post got me all giddy. Love seeing the love for your momma. I’m sure it means the world to her.

    And PS – You are GORGEOUS! 🙂

  2. I’m laughing. I’m crying. And I’m filled with so much love that my heart is bursting. Giving birth to Melissa made me a mom! Raising her was the stuff of life. I have been so blessed for so many years to have such an amazing woman to call my daughter. She’s the absolute best girl a mom could ask for!!!! Wish I could be with her today. It’s the only thing that would make the day better than it already has been!

  3. I love your post for your mom too! It’s so wonderful that we have someone with us through life to share little things, and no matter how big we get, they still send us things to make us feel special:) so fun.

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