Wine & Cracker Night

I am a big believer in trusting your instincts.  If something feels off, it probably is.  If something feels right, go with your gut. 

Tonight, this felt right.

Wine & Cracker Night 014

That, my friends, would be wine and cracker night.  On occasion, I find myself in the mood for nothing but a good glass of wine and a few little nibbles on the side.  Nutritional value?  Nil.  But it feeds my soul.  Yep, I went there. 

I said it feeds my soul!!!!

{On occasion, I feel the need to be dramatic.}

I wanted wine and crackers, but I only had wine.

Wine & Cracker Night 008

Poor, lonely wine with no crackers to go with you. Sad smile

This may seem completely backwards to some people, but once I am in for the night, I would much rather make something at home than run out to the store for it.  And typically, the time it takes to make the homemade version is the same as or quicker than running out to the store. 

Jessica @How Sweet It Is to the rescue! 

Jessica is one of my blog-world heroes.  She is fantastically funny.  She makes incredible . . . everything.  And she has Michigan ties, which make me feel inexplicably that we are kindred spirits.

Oh, and she’s stunningly gorgeous.  Just thought I’d throw that in there. 

Anyway, I’ve made her Easy Cheesy Whole Wheat Crackers several times for wine and cracker night, and they never disappoint!  She’s not kidding when she says they’re easy.  Start to finish: 20 minutes and that’s only because I bake mine a few extra minutes to get them super crispy. 

I whipped up a quick batch in no time!

Wine & Cracker Night 001

Baked on my pizza stone, these got nice and crunchy.  I’m typically not a huge cracker person, but I am in love with these!  I sprinkle them with a little extra salt at the end and enjoy a big ol’ pile next to my vino.  Just because it’s what my heart wants.  You cannot deny your heart!!!

I may have missed my calling as a soap opera star. Winking smile

I also cracked an incredible bottle of wine to go with them—Yarrunga Fields Private Bin Black Label Barossa. 

Wine & Cracker Night 013

Honestly, I chose this wine because I thought Barossa sounded a little like Barbossa and I’m a teensy bit excited for the new Pirates movie.  I’m a dork like that. 


But this wine?  Wow.  If you’re a cabernet fan, it’s made for you.  Smooth yet peppery with a nice berry flavor.  Totally drinkable.  Which is dangerous, since I’m just having crackers with it! 

Wine & Cracker Night 017

But aren’t they lovely?  I could eat plates and plates of them! Open-mouthed smile

Off to exercise some self control!

When was the last time you went with your instincts instead of doing the “right” thing?  How’d it go?


9 thoughts on “Wine & Cracker Night

  1. pawsitivelife says:

    I am excited for the pirates movie too! Its suppossed to be way better than the last two. I usually try to do the ‘right’ thing, and seldom go with my gut. its a problem

  2. What a fantastic idea! 🙂 You did an awesome job with those crackers they look soo yummy! 🙂

    I am totally with you on not wanting to leave my apt once I have settled in for the night. I love just going with my instincts and try to do it as often as possible 🙂

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