I Don’t Think You’re Ready

. . . for this jell-ay!


That’s right, folks.  Apparently, my body’s too bootylicious for ya!  Open-mouthed smile

Lovely Lisa over at I’m an Okie bestowed this fabulous award upon me, and since I’m clearly Beyonce-esque, I was thrilled to accept!

beyonce-does-rigorous-workouts008 (2)

The resemblance is just uncanny, right??? Winking smile

Seriously, though, I’m so flattered!  Thanks, Lis!  I just adore I’m an Okie.  It’s just Lisa being Lisa.  She doesn’t sugar coat things, but she’s also not afraid to celebrate herself.  I 100% admire her and am honored to call her a blog friend.

Part of receiving the award is getting to reveal all sorts of juicy information about your private life.  Oh wait.  That’s what bloggers do anyway!  Rolling on the floor laughing

Let’s get to it then, shall we?

Name 3 things laying next to you right now.

I’m breakfasting at my desk, so I’ve got my coffee, a Banana Coconut Breakfast Muffin, and my phone.



Cookie Dough Balls 007

Name 2 foods you can’t live without

Roasted veggies

Caramelized Onion RV Salad 032

Coconut (preferably paired with chocolate)

Coconut Lava Cake 003Kale Chips & Coconut Blondies 005

Name 2 things you can’t live without

I realize this is incredibly shallow, but I can’t live without a hairdryer.  OK, I can, but it ain’t pretty.

Running.  I honestly feel like running has been my saving grace through the last year, undoubtedly the most difficult of my life.  It has helped me and healed me.  It makes me feel strong when I would otherwise feel weak.  And at this point?  I turn into a super-grouch if I go more than a couple of days without it!

Name 2 people you can’t live without

This is really hard.  I can’t think of anyone in my life I could live without!

My parents.  Easy.

blog 036

I’m grouping them into one because I’m the recipient of this award, and I say I can!

They are my true North.  Whatever’s going on in my life, I know I can always turn back to them to celebrate my successes or for support during the tough times.  They have never not been there, and I know without a doubt that they will continue to be there.

My little sister.

Fall 2010 023

She gets me like only a sister can.  Even though we are almost 12 years apart, we’ve always been close.  Jenn is the best, most fun, most supportive friend in the whole world.  I never laugh as much as I do when we’re together.  I miss her.

Name one thing you did today

Rocked out to the Pussycat Dolls on my drive to work.

Yes, I am that crazy chick singing and dancing in her car at 6:30 in the morning.  How else am I supposed to get pumped up for my day other than listening to dirty pop music??? Winking smile

So there you have it!

The last part of the award is to give it away to 3 other bloggers you adore!  Gah!  How to choose?  I decided to choose 3 random commenters from the last week like Lisa did because I’m a copycat like that.

Without further ado, I’m sending my Bootylicious love to . . .

Jenny from Fitness, Health, and Food


{Stolen from Jenny’s blog!  Muahahahaha!!!}

Jenny is just as sweet as she can be!  She’s 100% honest and real, and has such a gentle, kind spirit.  Plus, she makes delicious looking recipes and has a super adorable puppy!

Paula from Eat:Watch:Run


{I like to take things!}

Paula was one of the first people I didn’t know to actually read and comment on my blog, which makes her A-OK in my book!  She’s also hysterically funny, and does cool things, like going to concerts and whatnot—you know, what people do when they have a life.  I live vicariously from my couch.

Claire at Live and Love to Eat


{Yep, also stolen from Claire’s blog Smile}

Claire needs a pick me up because she’s stuck with a bummer of an injury and can’t work out!  Poor girl!  She’s an RD and a vegetarian, and I’m always eager to read about whatever tasty recipe she’s whipping up! 

Happy Friday, Friends!!!

What 2 foods can’t you live without?


5 thoughts on “I Don’t Think You’re Ready

  1. awwww you are too sweet, thank you!!! 🙂

    You are definitely deserving of the award and it is lovely as always to learn more about you! I will definitely pass on the bootylicious love very soon!

    It is very hard to pick only two foods! I think peanut butter and bananas! 🙂 Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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