Carytown 10K

What’s everyone up to today?  I was up bright and early this morning to run the Carytown 10K! 


I’m feeling rather chipper, despite the overcast skies that seem to be sticking around. 

I’m just glad it wasn’t storming this morning after driving home in this last night!


It was pouring!!!  Don’t worry, I wasn’t stupid enough to snap this while the car was in motion!  The only way to describe this crazy kind of rain is torrential.  Right before I turned onto my street, lightning struck insanely close and the thunder literally shook my car!  I was glad to get inside to hide.  I get a little bit scared when I’m alone during really bad storms.  Embarrassed smile

Not wanting to overthink this race after my last one, I decided to go with a pre-race meal that just sounded good, rather than what I’m “supposed to” eat as a runner.


Yep, Chipotle and a little glass of wine!  That’s what I wanted, so that’s what I had.  It hit the spot, and I felt just fine for the race this morning.



Pre-7 AM is a little early for the self timer!

At 65* and 90% humidity at the start, I’m really glad I got my inhaler refilled this week!  I took a couple puffs before warming up, and I didn’t wheeze at all during the race!  Win!

With that much humidity, though, you’d better believe I was drenched by the end.  Drenched to the point that I thought about taking my shirt off.


Yeah, I kinda felt like I was swimming rather than running!  Check out the pony:


That’s hot. 

The race itself was great—a much smaller crowd than the Monument Avenue 10K, and I really liked that.  With the humidity making the air so thick, I decided to just go easy and run for fun without worrying too much about my time.  My competitive nature almost got the best of me in the first couple of miles when a lot of people were passing me, but I reminded myself that I just ran 13 miles on Friday and I am training for a half marathon.  I kept my pace and chugged along, feeling pretty darn good the whole time! 

In the end, I finished in around 56 minutes—the same as I did at the Monument 10K last month.  And I was fine with it. 


I think I almost worked myself up too much for that last race.  Too many expectations, too much anticipation . . . like I set myself up to be disappointed.  Today, I just ran for fun, and I feel so much better than I did after that race!  It reminded me why I started running in the first place: because I love it! 



No, I didn’t almost fall over while trying to take this picture!  Why on Earth would you think that??? ‘Winking smile

I also have a confession to make.  When I run races, I like to steal things.


Like, as many bananas as I can hold.  Then I walk around pretending to look for someone I’m meeting, so it doesn’t look like I’m hoarding bananas.  I am such a weirdo. 

As long as I’m confessing, I’ll go ahead and share that I have also been wearing the same sweatpants to lounge in since late Friday night.  Please don’t judge.

Hey, at least they’re cute sweatpants!


I’m thinking about seeing a movie this afternoon since it’s so gloomy.  It’s been a while since I’ve been to a movie, and it’s a perfect gloomy day activity!  I’ve heard Bridesmaids is really funny, and I could use a laugh!bridesmaids_movie_review_2011_kristen_wiig_maya_rudolph_judd_apatow

What’s the last movie you saw in the theater?  Did you like it?

I saw The King’s Speech a few months ago.  It was good, but I didn’t love it.  Not engaging enough for my taste.  I need a movie that makes me think or feel or laugh!  That one was just “meh” for me.


8 thoughts on “Carytown 10K

  1. Woo-hoo for the Carytown 10k. I didn’t run it this year but I woke up to yelling and screaming and then realized the finish line was about 50 ft from my house. 🙂

  2. Renee Byard says:

    OMG….was “Bridesmaids” not the FUNNIEST movie in a VERY long time? Dave and I saw it and LOVED it~ Congrats on that race…..seems to be an awesome time to me~
    I told Danielle that she better pray she’s not that bride in the street, come July 1st! hahaha

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