Strength Training Fail

Tonight was supposed to include some strength training.  But the following train of thought got in the way:

I just ran 5 miles.

In 85* heat.

And humidity.

I am still sweating . . . 30 minutes later.

Who needs weights?  I just ran 5 miles in the heat!

I should probably make brownies instead . . .


So I guess “better luck next time” to the strength training?  Just could not get excited about it today.  My run, on the other hand, was kind of awesome.  I feel like I’m accomplishing something extra when I run in hot, humid weather.  Like I’ve conquered the beast or something!  And training in that heat has got to be harder, don’t you think? 

{I am totally justifying my lack of weight training here, so please just go along with me, will you?  Thanks! Smile}

After my run, I peeled off my sweaty clothes, cranked up the AC, and took a nice cool shower.  Then, I made myself a delicious Early Bird dinner!

I hope you aren’t getting too bored with my little panini obsession . . . because I had to have another one tonight!  I went sweet and savory today, making use of this sweet little guy I spied in the produce section yesterday.

Gorgozola Peach Panini 005

It’s a little heart!  Totally reminded me of the Red Hearted Plums I saw at Pike’s Place! Red heart

I decided to pair it up with these lovely partners:

Gorgozola Peach Panini 004

For a deliciously sweet and savory

Gorgonzola & Peach Panini

1 small peach, sliced

2 T. crumbled gorgonzola cheese

fresh basil leaves

1 ciabatta roll, insides scooped out

cooking spray

First, I sliced up the peach and got it onto a hot grill pan sprayed with a little cooking spray. 

Gorgozola Peach Panini 006

My peach was a little uncooperative in the slicing process, but I managed to get a decent amount for my panini (+ another one for lunch tomorrow!).  After 3 minutes, I flipped the peaches.

Gorgozola Peach Panini 007

Another 3 minutes later, I placed the peach slices on one side of the scooped out ciabatta.  I scoop out the insides to make room for my filling and get the bread extra crunchy!

Gorgozola Peach Panini 010

Then, I layered in the gorgonzola and basil.

Gorgozola Peach Panini 011

Onto the hot panini grill for 7 minutes and voila!  (<—that was for you, Tessa! Smile)

Gorgozola Peach Panini 012

Gooey, crunchy, sweet, and savory

Gorgozola Peach Panini 014


Gorgozola Peach Panini 015

I loved it on the whole grain ciabatta, too!  Don’t the seeds look so yummy?  They were! Smile

With a little sweet corn on the side

Gorgozola Peach Panini 013

I am having a slight love affair with sweet corn right now as well . . .

Gorgozola Peach Panini 016

I could eat multiple ears of sweet corn.  It is just SO good!  I can’t wait to go back to Michigan this summer and get sweet corn from the local farmer’s cart on the side of the road.  It’s the best! 

So . . . even though it was a strength training fail this afternoon, my scrumptious dinner passed with flying colors! 

Now, about those brownies . . . Open-mouthed smile

Maybe I could squeeze in a little strength training while they bake?  If I’ll strength train for muffins, brownies should certainly motivate me . . .

What motivates you to do your most hated workout? 


11 thoughts on “Strength Training Fail

  1. That panini looks amazing!!! The best way for me to do a dreaded workout is just to get myself to the gym. Once I get there, I’ll go all in, it’s just getting there that’s the tough part!

  2. Fruit and cheese together haunts my dreams. But the pics are still pretty and I will take your word for it that it is delicious because you are the bomb.

    Motivation = personal trainer. I would NEVER do the workouts I do without someone hovering over me telling me to go faster and do more repetitions. That’s only with strength training, because I could run all day and night on my own motivation.

  3. Holy YUM! 🙂 I love that panini combination!
    I’m so sad that we still haven’t gotten good fresh corn here, sigh.

    Now that the weather is warm I have to say I’m slacking a bit on the strength training as well. Since I’m not training for a race I often do my strength training along my run (lunges, squats, push ups, crunches, etc) because I am the same way, once I get home I just want to relax! 😛

    I LOVE running in heat and humidity! It’s probably because I grew up and D.C. and my body got so used to it!

    Brownies?? 🙂 I would do a lot of strength training for one of those! 🙂

    Hope you have a wonderful rest of your evening! 🙂

  4. mylegs says:

    A) I want the panini. B) I want the brownies. C) I can trade sweet corn from Michigan! We made some last weekend and OMG delicious!! 🙂

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