Things Went Downhill

Happy Holiday Weekend, Blog Friends!

Hope your weekend’s off to a great start!  Mine sure is!  It started off last night with the usual Friday night antics . . . happy hour and dinner, then in bed by 9:30 PM.  Standard craziness.

After work, I ran a few errands, then met up with Danielle and Bryce at Bar Louie.  We are so predictable!  Smile


I am getting a tiny bit tired of Bar Louie, but they do have great happy hour specials, so it’s hard to beat!  I tried their version of a Skinnygirl cocktail called a Revive.


VeeV Açaí Spirit, fresh lime juice, sugar-free sweetener, cucumber and fresh mint.

I will definitely be re-creating this at home!  It was so fresh and light, but not overly sweet.  Plus, it really packed a punch!  I could feel it after only a few sips—now that’s my kind of cocktail!  Then again, at $10 a pop, it had better be!  Unfortunately, their “skinny” cocktail menu isn’t a part of the happy hour.  Why, Bar Louie???  Why???

Anyway, it was nice to let the stress of the week melt away with good company and good drinks.  Danielle and I also had a little photo shoot.


Then, we got to talking about how suddenly we look older and more tired all the time, which led us to attempt wrinkle removal on the spot.


Who needs Botox when you can just press your wrinkles away???  We really are normal.  I promise. Winking smile

If you needed further evidence of the Revive’s potency, look no further! 

It’s a good thing I kept it to one cocktail last night, though, because I had the last of my training runs this morning before my race next weekend! 

As I mentioned a few weeks ago, I typically map out my route beforehand and then drop off a Gatorade at a point that I will pass at least twice along the way so I can rehydrate.  I always run into Walmart to grab the Gatorade right before my run, and the same sweetest old man greeter is there every Saturday morning to offer me some sort of compliment.  It’s nice to have someone tell you that you’re lovely and call you “young lady” when you’ve just rolled out of bed and aren’t feeling particularly gorgeous.  Today, he rewarded me with a sticker!


It’s the little things. Smile

This morning, I planned out a 10 mile course, donning my new running duds to test them out and see how they did on a longer run. 

I was most anxious to see how the compression shorts would do on this run.  Originally, I wanted these shorts because they’re lightweight, close-fitting, and keep you dry in the heat.  For me, running in the heat requires as little clothing as possible so that my body can cool and sweat properly.  It’s amazing how much easier my runs are when I run in just a sports bra, so I thought I might be onto something with these tiny little shorts on the bottom. 


In theory, compression clothing is supposed to keep your muscles warm and prevent fatigue, but I honestly don’t think shorts this little are going to do all that much!  My first thought about them when I started running this morning was, “Holy crap, these are going to give me the worst wedgie!”  But after a few steps and a little tugging, they settled into place.

My run went relatively smoothly for the first 6.5 miles.  It was hella-humid, but nothing I hadn’t dealt with before and I felt pretty great despite the excessive moisture.  And then, well . . .


Things went downhill.  I’m not blaming the compression shorts, but I’m not ruling them out, either.  But my stomach?  I have never had to stop in the middle of a run to go to the bathroom, but you best believe I was crouching behind a tree today.  TMI?  Sorry.  But like Paula says, don’t neglect the bowels, people!

The last few miles felt better, but my stomach was (and possibly still is) having some kind of event.  Not fun. Sad smile

So, my unofficial review of the compression shorts is that I liked them for their comfort and moisture wicking properties.  They were really lightweight and didn’t pull or ride up at all while I was running.  I’m going to wear them again on my next couple of runs and see how they do.  If the stomach issues persist, they will be retired to my drawer.  But I’m not giving up on them yet! 

Today, I’m hoping the weather cooperates so I can get in some quality pool time with my collection of magazines that I never seem to have time to read! 

Two questions for today:

Have you ever worn (or would you ever wear) compression shorts?  What did you think?

What are you up to this weekend?

12 thoughts on “Things Went Downhill

  1. I’ve never tried them. I still run in shorts and underwear (which always ride up). But once I get a good sweat on, they stick to me and stay in place. 🙂


    You Friday night looked fun. And I can’t wait to see you recreate the skinny cocktail!

    Enjoy your holiday weekend, Melissa!

  2. So sorry to hear about your tummy 😦 I definitely know the feeling, as I used to have quite a problem with mine. I think all runners can related to having to pop a squat at one time or another!

    I have been tempted to try compression shorts but have worried about the wedgie effect and whether they’re comfy during warm weather. As my fav running bottoms are my capri spandex, it’s kind of a silly worry!

    So glad you had a such a great night out and I hope you have a wonderful day relaxing by the pool 🙂 We’re going to do our usual Saturday errands and then perhaps a little “dream shopping” 🙂

  3. Never worn them!! Might try….ummm could u Please recreate this recipe ASAP!!! I need the recipe! And my little peanut graduates from high school. Ugh I am old! ( I think I am going to drink copious amts of alcohol later!!!)
    Rest of weekend …rib burnoff and Greek fest! xo

  4. I’ve never tried compression shorts, but they sound pretty cool! And I totally relate to a volatile tummy . . . doesn’t it just put you in a bad mood? It does for me, boo. My doc has said there’s definitely a connection between these tummy issues and depression, and I believe her!

    Anywho, I hope your tummy has recovered and that you’re enjoying a lovely day! And that skinny drink looks lovely!

  5. I believe that, too, but I also have IBS and it makes for a very uncomfortable week followed by most weekends in the bathroom. 😦

    Hope your weekend is great and that you are having fun with the house hunting! 🙂

  6. By any chance did you take a Gu or something during your run that upset your stomach? I found that I couldn’t eat a lot of fiber the night before a long run and needed to keep my carb loading to just pasta and plain tomato sauce. Or did you try something new for breakfast? I swear by whole wheat bagel thins with a banana for breakfast prior to running.

    I have heard great things about compression shorts, so don’t give up just yet!

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